In Moscow recorded a fifth consecutive temperature record

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow Maxim Denisov

on Saturday, February 22, the air on the capital’s main weather station in that region was heated to +6.7 degrees, according to weather Bureau of Moscow.

Thus beaten temperature record of the day established February 22, 1990. Then in Moscow were recorded +6.6 degrees.

the Record value recorded in Moscow for the fifth day in a row. Before that the record was updated on 18 February (+6 degrees), February 19 (+4,7), February 20 (+7,7) and 21 Feb (+7,8).

Just this winter in Moscow set for ten temperature records.

Earlier in the MOE recommended that the Muscovites to Park cars away from trees and avoid wobbly structures in connection with the increase of wind in the city. Gusts of wind can reach 14-19 meters per second.

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