In the Boxing Federation said that Kushitashvili not previously been seen in the use of drugs

two-time champion of Russia on Boxing confiscated cocaine

two-time champion of Russia on Boxing George Kushitashvili not previously been seen in the use of alcohol and drugs, said the General Secretary of Federation of Boxing of Russia Umar Kremlev.

“This is a strange story, since 2-3 days ago he came with fees. What could there be drugs? He never used drugs, have never been seen even in drunkenness,” – said the Kremlin.

According to him, the incident is under internal review.

“If, indeed, it was this behavior we projections for harsh punishment. All different say, who says – hit, who says don’t hit. He goes for weekly blood samples could not be that he had consumed,” he was quoted by the TV channel Moscow 24.

George Kushitashvili and other boxer Hovik Hovhannisyan was arrested on Frunze embankment. In Regardie told that when checking the documents of men from them was followed by an aggressive response, then Kushitashvili struck officer Regardie in the face.

the Criminals were taken to the police Department. During personal inspection at Kushitashvili found a bag with narcotic substance. Against him until the criminal case on the fact of using violence against a representative of authorities. Hovhannisyan is on the case as a witness.

Coach of the Russian national team on Boxing have already commented on the incident. In conversation with the Agency he was shocked by the Internet, saying that before the athletes did not have discipline problems.

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