In the Bundestag, accused NATO of deceit, the Soviet Union under Gorbachev

Photo: TASS/ZUMA/Nicolas Maeterlinck

NATO has violated this promise of the USSR, since expanding to the East and rises to the borders of Russia. This opinion in an article for the portal Freiheitsliebe was expressed by German MP Alexander Neu.

He recalled that in March the Alliance launched the largest for the last 25 years of military exercises “Defender of Europe 2024” under the pretext of “Russian threat”. However, in this situation the aggressor is NATO, and Moscow is on the defensive.

According to the Deputy, the Soviet leadership under Gorbachev made an unforgivable mistake, refusing to secure the promise of the Alliance not to expand beyond Germany.

In subsequent years, the principle of “open doors”, the Alliance has gradually expanded. This process does not stop at the present time, concluded Noah.

it was Previously reported that the UK Ministry of defence has offered to include Russia in NATO in 1995. As did the British Ministry, the Alliance’s enlargement at the expense of Russia would reduce the resistance of Moscow to plans of the organization.

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