In the capital have extended the elevated level of weather danger

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow Maxim Denisov

Yellow level weather risk extended in the Metropolitan region due to icy conditions and gusty winds until Saturday morning, February 8, according to the hydrometeorological center of Russia.

warning Period due to icy conditions – up to 5:00, 8 February, due to gusty winds – up to 21:00 on 7 February.

because of the snow Muscovites urged to refuse from trips by personal cars and switch to public transport. In TMS predict an increase in accidents.

the Temperature in the night from 5 to 6 February, it was down to -7,8 degrees. So last night was the coldest in the city since the beginning of this winter.

the Previous low was recorded on 24 January is minus 6.8 degrees.

“Morning”: to -5 degrees are expected in the capital on Thursday.

According to forecasts, air temperature in Moscow by the weekend will drop to -17 degrees. However, in the beginning of next week the city will return to abnormal heat.

Climatic norm is exceeded by 10 degrees. Established the weather, which are more typical of late October. On Monday afternoon the thermometer will show -2 to +3 degrees, on Tuesday – from -1 to +4.

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