In the state Duma commented on the deaths of Russian troops in Idlib

Photo: AP/SANA

In the state Duma commented on the death of the Russian military in Idlib. The first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on defense Alexander Sherin said that the incident should be followed by a harsh response, according to news Agency “national news service”.

Sherin called the incident a great tragedy and loss and stated that the loss of life blow to the prestige of the state.

“the Russian Federation it is necessary to make clear to all countries that they can only help. And certainly not to interfere, contributing to the deaths of our servicemen,” he said.

the MP Also called for a thorough inspection aimed at figuring out whose fault killed Russian soldiers.

“it is Necessary to strengthen the presence in those places, particularly in Syria, where our soldiers risk death. There should be no deaths that could be explained, especially in our modern capabilities and technologies,” the MP added.

Earlier, the Russian foreign Ministry reported about the death of Russian military in Syria. The Ministry stressed that this time the soldiers tried to enter in Iglinsky area of de-escalation in the North of Syria “silence mode”, but the terrorists only increased its attacks. As a result, over the last two weeks they made over a thousand attacks.

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