In the us, spoke about the family's income mishustina

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In UFG told about the income of the Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail mishustina and his family trust while working at an investment company. The data provided in the response letter to a request RBC.

“his Reward as a key leader in 2009, for example, amounted to about 79 million rubles, or $ 2.5 million, which was declared to them in 2010”, – stated in the message.

the Document is signed by the managing partner of the group Polina Gerasimenko. UFG has asked members of the family of Michael mishustina consent to the disclosure of information and got it, she said.

“it is Important to note that most of the rewards – bonuses for transactions that, if successful, substantially higher wages. This is the usual practice of investment companies,” – noted in UFG.

the company also said that Mishustin came into the business in 2008 at the invitation of the ex-Finance Minister Boris Fyodorov, who was Chairman of the Board of Directors of UFG.

it is Noted that Fedorov and Mishustin were friends since 1989, since “International computer club”. In addition, the letter indicated that in those years Mishustin was personally acquainted with Steve jobs and bill gates.

In UFG future Prime Minister was in charge of “expanding international presence, the development of venture capital investment and technology investment, infrastructure and agricultural projects.”

Who entered the new Cabinet

“In March 2010, Mikhail Mishustin accepts the offer to return to government service and fulfills the requirement to civil servants about the lack of commercial participation in private companies, passing 100 percent of the ownership of the trust to his wife Mishustina Vladlena Yuryevna with the obligation to UFG partners on the sale of these assets”, – summarized in the letter.

There is added that in 2010-2013 wife mishustina received income from the trust UFG and declared it in the amount of 11.55 million dollars collectively for four years.

in 2013, In connection with the adoption of the new Federal law “on introduction of additional restrictions not only civil servants themselves but also their spouses and minor children” mishustina had to transfer his trust to a third party.

Since “in practice investment funds are excluded, the risks of acquiring the shares of unfriendly shareholders” remaining assets were transferred to the mother and sister of the Prime Minister – Mishustina Louise Mikhailovna and Steninae Natalia.

In 2013-2015, revenues from UFG Louise Mishustina amounted to $ 11.9 million, and Steninae — 10.1 million dollars, the document says. Thus, the total amount of income of all three beneficiaries from the trust UFG for the period from 2010 to 2015 made up 33.55 million dollars, which at the current exchange rate corresponds to 2.15 billion rubles.

UFG or United financial group – the largest independent investment company with assets of more than $ 2.3 billion. Mishustin headed UFG in 2008-2010 between the state service.

the Government of Dmitry Medvedev in full force resigned after the message of President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly on 15 January. The next day the new head of government was appointed 53-year-old Mishustin. The new composition of the Cabinet became known on January 21.

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