In Ukraine announced the division of children into three classes according to the language

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Ex-Minister of justice of Ukraine Olena Lukash said that the President Vladimir Zelensky violates campaign promises, including those concerning the revision of the law on the state language.

“We were deceived. No one has reviewed,” said Lucas in an interview with NewsOne.

According to her, instead, in Ukraine, new laws and regulations that continue to divide society on the issue of language.

“Our kids were divided into three classes according to the language of (the law “On General secondary education”. – Approx. ed.). There are Ukrainian-speaking, children who speak EU languages and Russian,” – said Lukash.

She urged to adopt the liberal language legislation.

the Law on state language stipulates to use only the national language in government, schools, hospitals and service industries.

Previously, the Parliament of Ukraine adopted the law “On General secondary education”. The new document greatly reduces the amount of training in the languages of national minorities. Falls under this definition and Russian.

Before that, the situation with the Russian language is discussed in the German Parliament. The deputies of the Left party pointed out that the country is home to about 6 million Russian-speaking citizens, but the Ministry of culture of the Federal States of Germany not sufficiently support training in this area. Based on this the deputies sent to the government a question of raising on the agenda the question of development of Russian as a foreign language to build bridges of understanding between peoples.

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