In which countries can you live on unemployment benefits

Another 24/02/20 In what countries you can live on unemployment benefits

There is a preconceived opinion that the benefits paid in the West, you can live happily ever after. The payout is really above, than in Russia, but the reality is, as always, did not quite match the myth. However, everything in order.

Oh, well in Scandinavia live!

If we talk about unemployment, then the palm of her biggest hold Scandinavia. In the first place is Denmark, where unemployed can claim a payment of up to 90% of wages, with an average of $1544 per month. Norway pays $1502, the third place is the Netherlands with benefits of $1413. Yes, the Netherlands is not Scandinavia, but the first two places are still in Scandinavia, and in Denmark the highest unemployment in Europe.

it is Worth noting that in Scandinavia — high taxes, up to half of the income and higher having to pay to the state. Even residents of so-called “free city of Christiania” pay taxes for housing. Christiania originated in 1971 when in one of the districts of Copenhagen’s hippies, and other consistensy captured the vacant house. Supporters of Christiansen talking about a new principle of urban communities, opponents argue widespread drug addiction and street dirt.

In Austria pay 55% of the average income over the last months, the minimum allowance is €825. In Belgium the minimum salary is €995 or 65% of median income in recent months. In the UK the allowance depends on age: up to 25 years £231 over — £292.

There are in Europe and, say, a maternity capital. In Germany, for firstborn and second child, the state pays €184, for the third — €190. In France, payments start from the second child — €120, and the third is “worth” €274, the fourth €428 and the fifth €582. Each subsequent brings in the family budget is €154. Latvia pays as child benefit approximately 70% of the annual income of the mother before the birth of the Rebbenka .

In the US, unemployment benefits are slightly less than half of earnings on the last job and is $648-2730. A resident of the ghetto, depending on membership of a particular social group, receives monthly from a few dozen to a few hundred dollars. Municipal housing free of charge. Food stamps — free and can be sold at a discount in a special money-changing shops. We have a developed system of grants to study at College or University. However, city University teaches for free. Diploma course, is quoted lower than obtained in the state University or a private University, but good job with him to get you. In Europe, by the way, also there is free education in the famous Sorbonne, for example. Ghetto inhabitant can obtain a grant for the development of the business, if the business opens in the ghetto and work local hired — so the government reduces social tensions.

Having for benefits

other than its own citizens, European States pay benefits to them arriving refugees. And here Northern Europe again ahead of the neighbors. For a family of refugees from two unemployed and three children turns on a monthly basis, according to Eurostat: Finland — €2283, Sweden — €2143, Germany — €1935, Denmark — €1765, France — €1740, Spain — €1520. In Italy and Greece — zero Euro, this is why these countries are the refugee transit through the arrivals follow a more friendly European countries. The Nordic countries are not popular because of the harsh climate.

welcome back!

Among developed countries has at least two attracting immigrants, Israel, and Germany. In Israel, there is the concept of “absorption basket” includes, in addition to cash benefits, different kinds of social services. The average immigrant receives NIS 4,000, and some — in upon arrival at the airport, the rest is credited to the Bank account within a certain time. At the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia at the end of December 1 shekel is equal to 18.24 ruble.

Immigrants in Germany are €200-300 per month for the whole year for which you want to learn German language on free courses and to take it to a level where you can apply for work. A year later, the payments cease. In addition, free public housing, but also — for a limited time. It is faster and tighter integration of immigrants into German society. From the 1990s to mid-2000s was a large flow from Russia and Kazakhstan. Now the number of immigrants decreased significantly.

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