In which soldiers of the Wehrmacht did not shoot Soviet snipers

History 23/03/20 In which soldiers of the Wehrmacht did not shoot Soviet snipers

In any war, soldiers and officers sometimes act not only by Statute, but in accordance with the informal rules, a kind of unwritten “code of conduct”, often including a number of unique ethical standards. Their informal laws were the snipers of the great Patriotic war.

What is natural, it is safe

Before going to the front of any fighter ideologically pumped up to fight the enemy, creating in his perception of the image of a ruthless and inhuman enemy. However, many veterans after the war noted that a few months in the trenches, the soldier begins to think more practical.

Comes the realization that on the other side of the front line sit the same people, the same way to feed themselves of lice, you want to eat, drink and sleep. If the soldiers of the opposing long sides are opposite each other in position, sooner or later they begin to negotiate on some small issues – there are unwritten rules of war. This also applies to snipers, who were able to change position to track each other for several days, playing a kind of “cat and mouse”.

In the great Patriotic war, the snipers did not shoot at the soldiers during the administration of natural needs. However, for the most part, this rule did not act out of pity for the opponent, and not to cause themselves to return fire. By the way, insiders say that such informal “toilet immunity” is still in effect.

It was not welcomed well as shooting the nurses. Even cold-blooded snipers is first and foremost people, and kill cute nurse some of them afford could not. However, such informal rules did not apply to the military, which the health worker tried to save on the battlefield.

“Holy” water pot

Another unwritten rule of snipers Kasalthe axis of water. In established parts of the front, the warring parties in case of water shortage, agreed not to fire at the water.

However, the founding fathers of the commanders informal rules fighters often did not recognize. Therefore, in such cases, while the officer was in position, the snipers were trying to miss. And soldiers, and the Germans knew: you shoot the water boy of the enemy, as a retaliatory revenge shot in the end and your and therefore everyone will suffer from thirst. It should be noted that a similar arrangement was recorded in modern times, for example, in Chechnya.


Sometimes directly to the front line was abandoned by the inhabitants of the farm, warehouse or cellar, where it was possible to get food or find something useful in the soldiers ‘ household. An amusing incident occurred in early 1945, when Soviet troops began to liberate Hungary.

One of the villages on the slopes were right in the midst of the front lines. Of the inhabitants there was not, however, remained edibles. But as to occupy the abandoned town could not in those days neither side, the Germans and the red army agreed and set specific part time “visiting” villages. Snipers, of course, in such moments, the fire is not conducted.

Dangerous patches

units of the Wehrmacht established an informal norm that allowed snipers to wear designating insignia – a black eagle head with acorns and three oak leaves at the bottom. This was allowed for security purposes, the sniper himself.

the fact that the soldiers are Riflemen strongly disliked. The soldier Sergei Levitsky explained the reasons for this attitude to the snipers: we all went to the bayonet attack, bent under the bullets and shrapnel, and sniper shot on the sly, killed his victim, who never saw him. By the rules of war it was considered a heinous act.

Therefore, arrows almost never took prisoners and dealt with them on the spot. German snipers tore stripes, because well aware of what POSsledstviya she threatened.

Ivan Proshkin

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