India has attacked a terrorist camp in Pakistan. A very large number had been killed in the night, “” a member of the Islamist terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed, including some of the leaders, informed the Ministry of foreign Affairs in the capital New Delhi.

for years, in India, the active group had a stop at 14. February in the Indian part of Kashmir, in the case of the 40 members of an Indian para-military police force killed claimed.

The Pakistan foreign Minister, Shah Mehsood Qureshi, spoke after a special session in the Ministry of foreign Affairs, a violation of the De facto border by India. “I would call it a serious Aggression,” he said. “Pakistan reserves the right to self-defense and proportionate response.”

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan called on his armed forces and country’s people to be all prepared. According to a notice from the office of the Prime Minister, the National security Committee, came in an emergency meeting to the conclusion that India had committed an unjustified Aggression. On Pakistan wool react to a time and place of his choice, the statement said.

The Pakistani army spokesman Asif Ghafoor had previously communicated on Twitter, the Indian air force violated Pakistan’s air space. Pakistani fighter pilots would have responded “promptly and effectively”. This meant that the Indian planes were hastily dropped their cargo. There have been no losses or damage.

For years, there had been no air attacks between the opposing nuclear powers. An attack on a military Kashmir base in the Indian part of 19 dead soldiers and India had responded in September 2016, according to its own information with a “surgical strike” of ground troops on the Pakistani side of the so-called line of control – this separates each from India and Pakistan controlled parts of Kashmir from each other.

The Indian foreign Ministry spoke of a “non-pre-emptive military action” and confirmed that the air force had this running. There had been credible information that Jaish-e-Mohammed planned to carry out more attacks in India, said from New Delhi. As a result, the largest training camp of the group had been attacked in the town of Balakot. Balakot is located in the vicinity of the control line, but not to Kashmir, but the Pakistani province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

India had asked Pakistan repeatedly to take action against the terrorist group, jihadists would be trained in Pakistan and armed, it was said. The neighboring country but have taken no concrete steps.

India had made Pakistan for the attack nearly two weeks ago, responsible, and a “fee response” to be announced. The government in Islamabad had rejected the accusation. Khan had threatened retaliation for the case of an Indian attack.

Since the independence of the former British India and its division into India and Pakistan in 1947, the two countries claim the Himalayan valley of Kashmir. You each control a part of and have already led to two wars in the area. A third part of Kashmir belongs to China.



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