After the glittering metropolis of Singapore is now Hanoi. The second summit between U.S. President Donald Trump, and North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jong-Un this week in Vietnam’s capital over the stage. This is not a coincidence.

Vietnam is a capitalist, a successful, socialist-planned one-party state, with around 95 million inhabitants and a thriving economy. However, that was not always so.

Vietnam as a role model …

Korea today, Vietnam in the North and the South was divided. In the Vietnam war, fought (and won) the Communist North against the US-backed South. The number of Vietnamese war victims is estimated to be at least two million people, other estimates of over five million. The two Vietnamese States were United in 1976 under Communist leadership, the mid-80s, economic reforms, Opening and liberalization of the economy were initiated.

Odyssey of over 4500 kilometers, Instead of the plane: Kim driving a tank-train to the Meeting with Trump, DPA,

And Vietnam flourished again: a spirited economic growth, the lifting of a US trade embargo, the conclusion of a trade agreement and, finally, the end of the approximately 50-year-old arms embargo, the Trumps predecessor, Barack Obama picked up. The former enemies were approaching.

And this is the message: what Vietnam is today, you could be (North)Korea. Not only Vietnam has given as a model of the rash to the summit.

… and hosts on the all the

can some of Both the United States and North Korea to talk to the Communist state in Southeast Asia, and good relations. For North Korea, the “Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a” quasi-brother state.


the special looks brand

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The host country pays tribute to the summit of Trump and Kim even with a special stamp. It shows two interlocking hands in a stylized heart. The hands are shown in the colors of the flags of North Korea and the United States. In the top left corner of the stamp is represented the flag of Vietnam, in addition, a dove of peace and the English inscription: “partnership for sustainable peace”. The information Ministry of the country said, with the stamp in the Vietnam wool present itself as a “responsible and reliable Partner of the International community in the maintenance of peace, stability and development”. Vietnam was honored to welcome the summit to align.

In addition, Hanoi with large-scale international events experience. Also here for a the Asia-Pacific region was held summit of heads of state and government from more than 20 countries. 2016 Trumps predecessor, Barack Obama was visiting. Obama even went to a traditional kitchen. There he sat on a small stool, spooned soup, and drank beer from the bottle. The table stands today, behind plexiglass.

The summit will take place in the Guesthouse of the government and/or in Hanoi’s presidential Palace. Trump would have it, to his luxury hotel a little closer than Kim to his property. The US President has – as in Singapore – the much more arrival: 13.500 to 4500 kilometers.

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