the group of The AfD in the Landtag of Baden-Württemberg is United for this week. Among the four representatives of the group Chairman Jörg Meuthen two men out of the room, Pforzheim, Germany: Bernd Grimmer, 66, economist, Bernd Gögel, 61, freight forwarding entrepreneurs. The two Deputy leaders of the parliamentary group stand together at the top of the AfD-kreisverband Pforzheim/Enzkreis. In Pforzheim, the party won at the state election in March, many voices. The 120,000 residents of this city, between Stuttgart and Karlsruhe, has since been regarded as a stronghold of the AfD.

There is no party in Germany, in the discussion and political education, want to run more on Facebook than in the case of the AfD. The star looked at the Facebook home of the two country tags fraktionsvizes Grimmer and Gögel. It’s called “AfD KV Pforzheim/Enzkreis Internal” and has over 40 members – is a rather small closed Community political companions. Grimmer and Gögel are one of the administrators. Administrators to manage and moderate, you will lead the group. They also decide who will join.


Bernd Gögel and Bernd Grimmer act as administrators of the Internal Facebook group

©Screenshot of the Facebook

“Internal” means that the communication is not for all to see. But when we look to the members of this internal AfD group and then on their public Facebook Accounts, so you already get a quite clear impression of what to count for people’s internal compass.

AfD-man Andreas N. would like Berlin to be “freed”

for example, Since the AfD-man Andreas is N. He commented: “I believe that if the weapon would act as loose as in the USA, then we would be freed soon in Berlin” with the words: “Yep, it is!!!!!!” Andreas W. is represented in the internal Facebook group, the AfD Pforzheim-Enzkreis. He is not only the first verse of the song of the Germans (“From the Maas to the Memel”), which was sung at the time of the national socialism, but also NPD-Propaganda against refugees.

The group member Anton A. is not friends on Facebook with many people, however, with two well-known NPD-politicians. Ralf S. is sharing on his Account, a documentation, in which the mass murder of the Jews by the national socialists is denied.


AfD-man Ralf S. disseminated a Video, the Europe-Wake up / Your children wait who denies the Holocaust

©Screenshot of the Facebook

Similarly unambiguous, the member of the group, Tobias K. It is spread on Facebook the Video of a neo-Nazi rapper that says: “/ the white, Aryan race”. The AfD-man Martin H. shares, in turn, is a Comic that brings the title of “Adolf Hitler Multi-Kulti Israel”. Contents: Hitler passes through the opening of the border to Israel and exterminate in the name of diversity, the Jews.

parliamentary group Deputy Gögel: “Am not responsible”

you Ask the two AfD-Fraktionsvizes in the Landtag of Baden-württemberg to the internal Facebook group for your circle of Association, to pass on the responsibility. “I’m not responsible,” said Bernd Gögel the star. You replied, he acted but as a circle Chairman and as an Administrator, says he, he did not care “for two years already,” the internal group. In reality, he added in the past year, most eleven members of the group. So it is on the Facebook page noted.

star Exclusive landesverband Baden-Württemberg AfD group from Meuthen employees with right-wing extremist Vita By Wigbert Löer

His colleague Bernd Grimmer said the same as Gögel. “I can’t do every Single check,” said the Administrator and group Deputy in the Parliament. He pointed to a party of friend, but said the star then, he’ll also, in turn, called another AfD member as the person responsible, but that was not to reach.

“Only he gives me strength to fight,” writes Gögels Facebook-girlfriend about Hitler

For some time already neo-Nazis trying to gain a foothold in the AfD feet. Some traps at the entry into the party, then you will be refused admission. Others create it. If you spread your attitude in the groups, expressions of opinion, they would be blocked, says the parliamentary group Deputy Bernd Grimmer. With your Facebook account even you did not fail so far, apparently.

The radical right-wing ideology is anchored via Facebook on the private pages of the functionaries. AfD parliamentary group Deputy Bernd Gögel is not on Facebook only in the internal group. On his own page, “friends”, the look is also very far to the Right. Gögels Facebook-girlfriend Gloria W. about posts a Video with the name “Adolf Hitler, the man who fought against the System”. In it, Hitler will be played back-Talk, and the spectators, politicians from around the world shown, but are provided with Jew stars. Gloria W. writes of the Hitler speeches – Forbidden Nazi devotional objects, He gets a mandate – and selling “concentration camp money” and a swastika-order By Wigbert Löer

Gloria W. also shares the hymn of the Waffen-SS. It is ideologically in good company at a Gögel-friend by the name of Hans M., the spreads on Facebook Merkel-photos, marked with a yellow star and the inscription “Jew”. The Facebook-friend Frank is, in turn, have not commented on an article to read in the early political death of Merkel, with the words: “Hopefully, it remains only to the political death.”

“If I had such friends on Facebook, I’d have to look,” said the Deputy of the AfD parliamentary group of the star

“Auschwitz – Why The gas chambers Are A myth” is the name of the Video that Gögels Facebook friend Harald divides m. the arguments to connect in a longer Text.

member of The state Parliament Bernd Gögel said the star with a view on his personal Facebook page, friends you have only in real life. “If I had such friends on Facebook, I’d have to look.” He should do, he will face his side on Hans G.. The suggests short-hand: “why we burn Negroes”.


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