the first stages of success: The International computer game collection is available as a database online and is open to all Interested parties.

the aim of the Federal government-funded project is now in the collection of the world’s most extensive and important database to expand, said Çiğdem Uzunoğlu, the Foundation’s Executive Director of Digital game culture. Currently it holds some 40,000 Computer and video games that have come since the 70s on the market. Are well planned 60,000 titles, which are to be provided with Cover, release date and background information into the network.

With the launch of the Online database is implemented, the goal of the Federal government funded the first phase of the project, informed the initiators. “With the help of the policy, we want to usher in rapidly implementing the second Phase, and exhibits in one place so that you can be really exploited,” said Uzunoğlu. In the now following second phase of the project, the collection should be worn physically together in one place. The collection is to be the world’s most extensive and important database and to the lighthouse for the Games-Germany as a location.

“While more and more institutions in the world with this computer game to build up the collections, we can begin by, the common stocks of the ICS put in a Partner, at a stroke, the world’s largest collection of created,” said Felix Falk, CEO of the industry Association game. The industry is now hoping for financial support from the policy.

With digital, Minister of state Dorothee Bär (CSU) has been a comrade-in-arms: “The international game collection must be in Germany,” confirmed bear. It itself was a kind of family-part of the collection because they have passed some of the Atari games from your grandfather, to the initiators. Also the member of Parliament Rüdiger Kruse is for the ambitious project. It was a strong idea, and it was time now to implement expeditiously, said the responsible Rapporteur of the budget Committee of the Bundestag.

and co-ordinated the project is Organized by the Foundation of Digital gaming culture, which has taken on the task to increase the acceptance and relevance of digital Games in society. Partners include the 2017 project launched in the Berlin computer game Museum, the entertainment software self-control in USK, as well as the center for computer game research at the University of Potsdam, Digarec. In the first phase of the project, the collection was already supported by the Federal government.



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