From apartments it’s been around for a long time: the Decisive factor is the bookcase. There, everyone keeps something to themselves and their own education draped, the classics, to understand every quiet and unobtrusive, but just as clear: Here is a great spirit dwells. Even if you don’t know it to look at the Rest of the device (and the Person), maybe immediately. The book must have not touched any of the owners again, the main thing is it Shakespeare or Schiller on the back.

The Supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid have transported the principle now, from the interior in the fashion world. Since the two sisters have been shown in Public with novels in Hand and also on Instagram with literature posing, apply to the books as the new Trend accessory, 2019. “Très chic!”, the “New York Post writes,” with the French formulation also to the rest of the content of the text, at first glance, reasonable intellect vorspiegelnd. The renowned fashion magazine “Vogue”, praises the combination of Albert Camus’ famous novel “The Stranger” and an above the knee cut suit in pale Yellow, wearing Bella Hadid.

Suddenly, Stephen King and Albert Camus the latest fashion

And so easy, it is also: Hardly two of the most famous Models in the world to carry around books, is what a lot of reading friends were long ridiculed, are part of the latest fashion. How to find, opinions are divided on this. Some find this very sad or hypocritical about this, as the literature also achieved in the superficial world of the Rich and Beautiful place – and it was only as an accompanying subject.

Bella Hadid, for example, Stephen king’s horror book “The outsiders”, with whom she has, according to “Vogue” since weeks, in order to avoid unpleasant Paparazzi shield – the 560-page book can be used as a celebrity is quite a different matter. Sister Gigi prefer to become a classic of existentialism, the meaning hard to digest.

Fullscreen ©ABACA/ Picture Alliance not Come soon without a “fist” into the Berghain?

Actually, the Hadid sisters are not noticed yet the fact that they had a particularly well-read, unlike, for example, the actress Emma Watson. What should not mean per se that you are. The books trend is passed through to hundreds of thousands of Instagram Followers, Trendsetting work and maybe soon we will see everywhere are fashion-conscious girl with world literature in the Arm. You may find embarrassing, actually, but it is something very Beautiful. Similar to a few years ago, the big nerd glasses, an accessory of admiring attention, which has not been long taken seriously. This is also a beautiful, late satisfaction for all, always knew it.

it is Possible, therefore, that soon we will see Models with the new Houellebecq the catwalk strutting, coming soon, only with the “fist” into Berghain or 14-Year-old your bag saving money for a Homer output. Bilingual, of course. Finally, Heinrich Heine, almost 200 years already knew before the Hadid sisters: “a bit of education decorates the whole people.”


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