The investigation of the Ethiopian Airlines flight in which a nail is crashed new Boeing 737 Max shortly after the Start, and 157 people were killed, have led to an intermediate result. The investigators are of the opinion that the automatic trim system, MCAS System, was activated before the plane crashed. The “Wall Street Journal” reported citing the experts.

The MCAS System is supposed to prevent actually crashes: a steep climb, it engages and pushes the nose of the aircraft down to prevent a stall. The previous analysis of the Black Boxes indicates that the Problem is Software of Boeing for the crashes of two 737 Max is responsible. You should have automatically activated, and so to the accidents. A preliminary report on the crash is expected next week.

After the emergency landing, Why is it allowed to fly the prohibition of a Boeing 737 MAX, despite a start? Software update, to problems of the Boeing 737 Max

In October 2018 and crashed a Boeing 737 Max, the Indonesian Lion Air shortly after the Start. 189 people were killed. According to the Ethiopian crash, the investigators took into Indonesia, the MCAS System of the Lion Air aircraft also targeted. Investigators and the US-aviation authority FAA found that there were amazing Similarities in the two crashes. The aircraft manufacturer Boeing announced meanwhile that a planned software update should fix the Problem.

it is Doubtful, according to investigators whether the pilots were adequately informed about the MCAS System, and for the fly with the model were formed. According to the pilots, the relatively short 737-Max-training would not have explained the MCAS System. Boeing announced that the pilot would be outdated training.

The Boeing 737 Max is the most ordered model aircraft from the manufacturer, with around 5000 orders. After the two crash of a flight ban from several States has been imposed around the world. Some Airlines have cancelled orders or demand from Boeing compensation for flight cancellations.

sources: Reuters, CNN, the “Handelsblatt”



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