The president of Iran, Hasan Rohani, has announced this Tuesday a new step, the fourth, in reduction of the nuclear doctrines of their country. Starting tomorrow, technicians will begin to inject gas into centrifuges in Fordow, an underground plant for uranium enrichment. The measure aims to pressure the european countries to the lack of progress in their efforts to compensate Tehran for the output of the united States from the nuclear deal, but makes it more difficult to find a solution.


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“Our next step is going to be in Fordow, where we have in 1,044 centrifuges (…) in which we will inject gas,” said Rohani during a televised speech. He was referring to the process by which uranium is enriched to get the fuel that, in different degree, serves both a power plant as an atomic bomb. Limiting that production was the central objective of the nuclear agreement the major powers signed with Iran in 2015 and that France, the Uk and Germany will try to save after their abandonment by the US. The other two signatories, Russia and China, are maintained to the expectation.

The own Rohani has admitted that the decision might alienate the european countries in the last few weeks had made appeals to the moderation. “I understand your sensitivity to Fordow and their centrifuges. But when they fulfill their promises, we will no longer inject gas again (…) we Cannot accept to accomplish fully our commitments in a unilateral way and that they do not meet yours,” he justified.

That comes the reasoning being iranian since last may, he decided to begin to reduce the obligations acquired in 2015, before the damage that has entailed the re of sanctions by the united STATES and that has taken its ailing economy to the edge of the abyss. In the two and a half years have elapsed since Washington abandoned the agreement, Iran has seen to be reduced more than 80% of the exports of crude oil, its main source of income.

In reality, it is a cul-de-sac. Tehran demands that the rest of the signatories to compensate for that injury. But the sanctions secondary U.S. to any financial institution that does transactions with the Islamic Republic blocked even the sale of food and medicines, which are not prohibited. The europeans have been working on a mechanism that allows trade, but even if they manage to work (something for which there are also problems on the iranian side), it can never compensate for the loss of oil revenues.

“we Need to sell our oil and access to the financial system without any restrictions”, has claimed Rohani.

even Though Iran has assured that he does not want to abandon the nuclear accord, the measures announced by each of the two months will slowly go away the same. Previously already increased the enriched uranium that stores up to 300 kilos, that allows you the covenant and began to enrich to 4.5 % of purity. The Monday also said it had launched the second series of 30 advanced centrifuge, which enriches more than 10 times faster than authorized in that commitment.

according To analysts, those steps do not constitute for the moment a significant difference in the time it would take to make a bomb. However, complicate the possibility that the europeans can save the deal. In addition, the case of Fordow is especially significant, because the iranian regime kept secret its construction, in the bowels of a mountain on the outskirts of the holy city of Qom, 150 kilometres south of Tehran, putting in evidence their desire of concealment.

Meanwhile, the united States does not loosen the pressure on Iran. The goal is to force you to renegotiate the nuclear deal to include limits to its missile program and its regional influence, as they want to the arab allies of Washington. In the last round of sanctions, the u.s. Administration included the Monday to a dozen people in the inner circle of the supreme leader, including his son Mojtaba, his chief of staff and several senior military officials. The own ayatollah Ali Khamenei was already punished last may, a gesture more symbolic than anything else.


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