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read It began in Paris. At the request of the Iranian Shah, the dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, the Ayatollah Khomeini from Iraq had shown of exile. Kuwait refused entry. Because the Ayatollah decided in the autumn of 1978, a short-hand for Paris. This decision, in the middle of the Western world, his tents, and in a city that is not only true from a strictly Islamic point of view, as a center of sin and decadence, was the first to be held by its supporters is a mistake. But it soon turned out that it was the wisest decision that Khomeini had.

This Mullah, who had lived for 15 years in Iraq, this grimme Old man, who had agitated against the “godless” Shah and in exile continue to be the Islamic state propagated, but otherwise by the Public to forget the rail, stood with a shock in the light of the cameras, surrounded by journalists from all over the world. Nearly 80 years of age, felt the white-bearded Old like a new person.

Under an Apple tree in the garden of a house in Neauphle-le-Château, outside the gates of Paris, the Ayatollah was sitting on a Persian carpet. In front of hundreds of kneeling Disciples, he announced his program: “the hour of The justice of the Lord has struck for the Shah. This little devil on the peacock throne has only brought sin and evil upon our country like a leech, he sucks the blood of our youth and, thus, himself and his family fed. For him, there is no mercy. I’m here to proclaim this before all the world. We will liberate millions of innocent souls. All of the Humiliated, the Downtrodden, the Exploited, the Hungry will finally achieve freedom.”

Bahman, Nirumand,

born in 1936 in Tehran, is a freelance Journalist and author. Since 1982 he lives in exile.

The call for freedom was in Iran’s history, not a new one. The constitutional Revolution of 1906 had tried, with the ruling Asiatic despotism and feudal power structures to break, and the leap into the Modern. They failed, because the Iranian middle class is still too weak, and their opponents, the conservative clergy and the court, with the hearing to landowners, to strong. The then Minister of war, Reza Khan, had set itself the Shah’s crown on her head, then took, similar to Kemal Ataturk in Turkey, the economic modernization with authoritarian violence in the Hand. Social development lagged behind, however, is far.

The second attempt began after the Second world war. At that time, the funds could layer, strengthened by the industrialization led to conquer, under the leadership of the liberal Democrats, Mohammed Mossadegh, for a short time, the Power. Using he founded the National Front, a merger, democratically and nationally oriented organizations that succeeded Mossadegh in 1951, the Takeover of the government. This was in spite of severe economic sanctions the nationalization of the Oil industry and drove the British, who considered Iran since the First world war almost as a colony, out of the country. Now you finally had the Chance to drive forward the development towards a real democracy.

This article dates back to the TIME no 02/2019. Here you can read the entire issue.

negated, However, together with the British, the United States this Chance. In 1953, they organized a coup. Mossadegh was overthrown, the refugees Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi, the son of Reza Khan, brought back, and the dictator built.

This regime change has left deep wounds that have not healed until today. Because without this coup, had it not been for the 25-year-old dictatorship of the Shah-regime – and certainly not since 1979-long reign of the Islamists.

After the Installation of the Shah, the Power was concentrated in the hands of a minority, which continued the Westernization of the country. This minority, which flocked to the yard, was the culture will lose the most bunch, has drawn the Iranian fortunes ever – Philistine, because it was neither the Iranian nor the Western culture. She had no substance. Overnight, thanks to the rise in Oil prices, by landowners or Bazaar traders, to large capitalists, become, behaved, this power elite, like a farmer who first visited a big city.

she was totally unproductive, to Excess consumption. Depending on the foreign model, she modelled her Lifestyle according to the Western model without Western values. For the preservation of their Power, the with American and Israeli help, developed ensured that the secret police and the 400,000-man strong, with the most modern weapons-equipped army.

a number of years the cemetery was quiet in the country. The ruler on the peacock throne, was it possible to nip any criticism in the Bud. The only Opposition, which was able to report in to word are located in other countries.


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