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It is extremely. The National weather service (NWS) of the United States warns of “frostbite in a matter of minutes”. Since the days of 140 million people suffer from the effects of a cold wave. In several U.S. States, primarily in the Midwest, was called to the case of a disaster – in Canada it is similar to icy. But, the end felt like the ice age is in sight: Soon there will be spring. How comes it to strong temperature fluctuations? Meteorologist and weather presenter Karsten Schwanke explained it to us.

In at least six States in the United States is it is colder than in the Antarctic around the South pole, even though it’s summer there, currently, a temperature of minus 32 degrees Celsius. In the USA, the Minus-40-degree mark was equal to multiple steps. The reason for this: the Arctic polar air. She has moved from Northern Canada to the North of the United States. And so, a cold wave is sweeping not only through nature but also through the media. In Germany, many are asking whether the Americans are exaggerating the inside and the Americans, or perhaps something with your Extreme-Blizzard-Condition-News. Finally, the Winter. That can be in North America, cold, no secret. Also felt every year, such Winter-from the USA-disasters-messages.

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When we in Germany, of the “Arctic polar air” to speak (a word we meteorologists often in the mouth), then let’s talk about minus five degrees in Hamburg or minus 15 degrees at night in Berlin. But what the people in North America are currently experiencing, is of a different calibre. It is a cold wave, which has it really. More than 80 million people are exposed to at the Moment, temperatures of minus 20 degrees Celsius and below (in the USA, is of course counted in Fahrenheit). In Chicago, was registered at minus 31 degrees Celsius, the second lowest ever measured temperature in a nearly 150-year-long measurement series. Thousands of flights had to be cancelled at O’hare International airport, schools and public buildings remain closed. Hand on heart: In such freezing temperatures would also go into Germany, nothing more.

1/9 Per second plunge into the Niagara falls of 2.6 million Liter of water in depth. Due to the low temperatures parts of the waterfall are frozen at the border between the United States and Canada. © Drone base/Reuters 2/9 For some people, the cold is life-threatening. A total of eight deaths have been according to one report, been counted and attributed to the extreme temperatures. © Drew Angerer/ 3/9 The shore of Lake Michigan, one of the largest lakes in North America is iced. In Chicago, temperatures of -29 degrees Celsius can be measured. The city Council established a plurality of Heat bars. © Joshua Lott/AFP/ 4/9 On Times Square in New York City, a woman photographed driving in the snow. Health experts in the US warn of frostbite, and rates, as little skin to the cold unprotected suspend. © Brendan McDermid/Reuters 5/9 In Buffalo in the U.S. state of New York plows a car through the snow. In 22 States, primarily in the Midwest, the temperatures at the end of January is exceptionally low. © Lindsay DeDario/Reuters, 6/9, cause of the unusual cold wave is the so-called Northern polar vortex, circulating about the Arctic. This year, the air current brings the cold air from the North pole to North America, like here to Chicago. © Pinar Istek/Reuters 7/9 In Buffalo, duck, pigeons, protecting on a wall in a House. Also animals suffer from the cold: In the state of Indiana froze to death on a Farm a Zebra. © Lindsay DeDario/Reuters 8/9 On the Chicago River, an icebreaker makes its way through the clods. Schools and shops remain due to the cold, closed, thousands of flights were canceled. © Scott Olson/ 9/9 On the Highway in Madison, Wisconsin, is a column of clearance vehicles in use. In numerous States it can not be delivered due to the winter weather, once the Post. In a few days, temperatures are expected to increase rapidly. © John Hart/AP/dpa

However, this is only the beginning of the story. Just as quickly as the cold from the Arctic to the Great lakes (the Great Lakes of USA, Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, as well as the Erie, Huron and Ontario) pre-encounter, you also. On the weekend you will – so it looks on the current weather simulations – almost spring-like warm air replaced. On Sunday it’s supposed to be in Chicago ten to twelve degrees Celsius.

How extraordinary such a temperature jump is?

A temperature jump to 42K (correctly specified temperature differences in the meteorology in Kelvin, the value remains the same, no matter whether you say, Celsius, or Kelvin) – of minus 31 degrees Celsius to eleven degrees Celsius in just 72 hours – were there in Chicago. Other places but very good. The records of the U.S. weather service recorded the following record of temperature jumps:

climbed to 45.5 degrees Kelvin in less than 24 hours: Fort Belknap (Montana), the temperature at the 13. February 2018 minus 38,3 degrees to 7.2 degrees Celsius.Also in Montana, in Browning, the temperature dropped at the 23./24. January 1916 from 6.7 to minus 48.9 degrees Celsius – a difference of 55.6 degrees Kelvin.The largest Temperature drop within a week was observed in February 2011 in Nowata, Oklahoma. At that time the temperature rose from deep winter of minus 35 to the summer of 26.1 degrees Celsius, a difference of 61.1 degrees Kelvin.

But why it can be in Chicago (at a latitude of Rome!) Temperatures, which occur in Europe than in Scandinavia?

USA – cold wave stops at temperatures of up to -49 degrees have brought the public life in the Midwest of the USA, in part, to a Standstill. It is the most extreme cold wave in 20 years. © Photo: Scott Olson


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