Ishii Shiro: what happened to major Japanese executioner of the Second world

History 06/03/20 Ishii Shiro: what happened to major Japanese executioner of the Second world

In 1936, near the Chinese Harbin, the Japanese have built a secret base, where he worked for a research center called “unit 731”. It Japanese scientists studied biological weapons and experimenting on people shocking experiences. Led a detachment of sadists microbiologist and General in the Japanese army Ishii Shiro.

people Called “logs”

In the camp were prisoners, captured by the gendarmerie, the Kwantung army during the fighting in Manchuria. Employees and protection of the “factory of death” not considered prisoners of people.

From the memoirs of specialist training “Unit 371”: “They were my logs. Logs cannot be considered as people. Logs already dead themselves. Now they died a second time, and we are only carrying out a death sentence.”

Just in the course of research, Japanese scientists have killed up to 10 thousand people. About 70% of the victims were Chinese, the others – Russians, Koreans and Mongols. The names of most people to identify impossible, but definitely known that the camp contained soldier by the name of Demchenko and Russian girl Maria Ivanova. Along with her 4-year-old daughter was killed in a gas chamber during the experiment in June 1945. There is evidence that some Russian prisoners tried to revolt, but their performance did not support the Chinese, because of what the revolt was quickly suppressed with poison gas.

the Factory of death

Over the “logs” put terrible experiments. People infected by the virus and was placed in the cells in which it was impossible to move, and scientists watched as the virus develops. Test subjects were infected with cholera, typhus, dysentery, were gassed.

the Division of vivisection conducted the autopsy was done without anesthesia, “in order not to disturb the natural course of experiment.” To determine how effective the treatment of wounds, prisoners of the camps blew up the grains and burned by flamethrowers. For the sake of “nauqneu thoughts” in the unfortunate poured the blood of animals, amputated their limbs and sewed them, changing places.

In the other lab people were introduced into the stomach toxic substances and rotting tissue. Researched how much you can pump blood out of the man. In preparation for the campaign in Russia, scientists killer paid special attention to the study of the methods of treatment of frostbite, for which a Guinea was doused with water and taken out into the cold, or immerse their limbs in liquid nitrogen, and a small part of the horrors going on in the “unit 731”.

to Serve in the unit was considered very prestigious and it sent the best graduates of medical and biological universities of Japan. The commander of unit 731 Shiro Ishii was fascinated by the study of plague, and he managed to bring the virus that was 60 times more dangerous. For use of bacteria arriving in the dry state, they should be moistened with special water solution.

Researcher Sheldon Harris claims that the Japanese dumped in the Chinese city ceramic bombs filled with plague-infected fleas and flies. From these shells killed more than 200 thousand people. The same bombs the Japanese had planned to dump on the US and cities in the Far East of the USSR.

As the United States stood up for the war criminals

9 August 1945 the Soviet army launched an operation to defeat the Japanese troops. Due to the inability to withstand the onslaught of the red army, the leadership of “unit 731” was ordered to act independently. On the night of 10 to 11 August, the center’s employees began to destroy documents and survivors, but the most valuable research results Shiro Ishii were taken. These materials he hoped to exchange for their integrity and calculation in the end was justified.

During a joint Soviet-American investigations on production of bacteriological weapons in 1946 Siro contacted the Americans and in exchange for the results of the studies asked for asylum. At the Tokyo process, the surviving prisoners of the “unit 731” made by witnesses, but by this time the Americanthe Republicans have studied the documents Siro, and appreciating their value, refused to cooperate with the Russians.

At the request of the USSR to give flayers, the Americans replied that “the location of the “unit 731″, including Shiro Ishii, the unknown, and to accuse the squad of war crimes for no reason”. For the harboring of more than 3,000 war criminals is personally American General Douglas MacArthur. In Khabarovsk process in 1949 condemned only a small part of the criminals.

How did the lives of members of “unit 731”

the Truth about the atrocities of the Japanese became known only in the 80-ies. Immediately after the war the staff of the center began in Japan respected people in senior positions. Among the squad members were deans of universities, heads of medical schools, academics, politicians, businessmen and even the Governor of Tokyo. One of the villains, who experimented on women, opened the largest in Japan, private gynecological clinic.

a Relative of Emperor Hirohito, Prince Takeda, who inspected the task force that led the Japanese Olympic Committee in 1964. The head of the squad Shiro Ishii received immunity from prosecution and continued to work both in Japan and in the American research center in Maryland. He died in 1959 of throat cancer. Shortly before the Syro converted to Catholicism.

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