Mr Worseg, they have even raffled off in a land disco a breast operation. This was a good idea?

It was a time that I lost the borders – it was the beginning of my career as an aesthetic surgeon, before the age of 18 years. More, more, more, I thought. Has won, luckily not 16-Year-old, but a 20-Year-old. But someone actively involved in an Operation, I would not do today, no matter how old.

How many operations have you done so far?

Between 10,000 and 15,000 every month 120 come together about.

you can apply in Austria as a celebrity plastic surgeon, have in Vienna a large clinic with proof beds and hold their office hours in the best location, very close to the Stephansplatz. On the pictures you see is with Pamela Anderson or Richard Lugner and his wife Cathy, Liliana, the former wife of Lothar Matthäus, had twice of them to operate. The business seems to be running fine.

It is booming. It just goes on and on. There are people who’d gone earlier to the hairdresser to come to change. Today, you want to be operated on. I could day and night. Ten years ago, I thought: Now the Zenith is reached. But that was not true. It goes on and on. In my industry, the order books are overflowing.

all the people you have now written a book*, in which you advise against plastic surgery.

Because often the Wrong one. There are days when I sit in the evening with my Team, and we say: Today, as many Crazy. Of course this is exaggerated a bit, but that’s how we talk to each other, when we are totally finished by this audience.


Fully integrated into the better society in Vienna: Artur Worseg (2. from left to right) at this year’s Opera ball next to Richard “mortar” liar (M.), as well as other men and surrounded by all kinds of beauties, among them wife Kristina (in Gold) and Model Elle Macpherson (behind it)

©Katja Haas/API

your audience will be offended, if it reads the.

at Least 50% of the people who come to a beauty surgeon, expect something that can’t be met. So it is easy.

Because you race an ideal image afterwards?

Social Media plays a big role. Instagram, Facebook, Tinder – there are very strange pictures of yourself. Two days ago a woman was here who wanted to have the breast. As quickly as possible. She told me that she had found the man of her life and wants him to meet. Unfortunately, she had sent him for months, only edited photos. The Problem, said they resolved to me, is her sagging Breasts.

What have you done?

it was clear to Me: With a prettier breast it is not done. She is ugly, unkempt, from the glue is gone, she has a bad skin it just looks not at all as they are sold. I have played the game at the time and said: As soon as you want to, I can’t operate on a breast. It is also important that you exercise, that you pay attention to good nutrition, in order to develop a better feeling to your body. You should think about it.

she Came back?

no. Many, whose desires are not fulfilled immediately, say: “good-bye”, and go on to the Next. Some of them are aggressive. You have in mind, and since you pay for it yourself, should you do that, please, just as a car mechanic beef up a car. But I’m not a car mechanic, but a doctor.

Relates to the mainly women?

Even if it is sometimes called, more and more men would go to the plastic surgeon – the ratio remains 80: 20. 20 percent of men, sometimes very unpleasant. To be a business consultant, a Banker, those who are used to being the boss. They come here and say: So and So must the nose be. I answer: not technically. Or: your nose looks fine to me! Then make the paragraph returns. Say: “Aha, you can’t do that.” And go on to the Next.

What men want?

Smaller noses. Hair Replacement, Lifting. Some even have a larger Penis.

What they reject in principle?

penis enlargements, I don’t do that anymore. That was a Disaster. It is the men with small penises do not come, as one would think. Actually, all of them have a medium to large, nothing to complain about. After surgery, you are disappointed – you have what is expected. Better Sex. Or that you have the largest Penis in the shower room of fitness center. There’s one, however, has an even bigger one. Or the other is not interested in him, just as before the Operation. I let the fingers of it.


“In my industry, the order books are overflowing,” says Worseg. Here he receives the former “Baywatch”Star Pamela Anderson.

©Starpix/Action Press

you write in your book, many people come to them who suffer from a personality disorder.

I will not allow me to make a psychiatric diagnosis. But many have distinct portions of these disorders. Narcissists belong to, including often the described men. You want to have the world the way you imagine it. This had better work. Then Borderline race me patients the door. These people have a very bad attitude to your body. Typically, the young, good-looking woman, the blouse breakdown a few days ago aggressively in front of me, roughly her bosom took out, and with contempt said: “Look at this! Ugly! You make the way!” So someone is under internal tension and is full of self-hatred. Also, people with bipolar problem are not rare guests. To the saddened sky-high, scattering, death. In a high phase you want everything to operate as it may be like to a huge breast. Then the Depression follows. Surgery triggers such deep-seated problems are never.

Else disorders?

The Histrioniker. You thrive when you have an audience, but they fall to pieces, when the audience fails to materialise or the applause ebbs away. Often they bring someone to the initial consultation, they are incredibly nice, open, you immediately contact. But Woe to a word changes with the girlfriend. Then the good mood is gone. A very typical Person with this disorder was an older lady. Extremely theatrical. The pulled off, lay on the ground, made a candle, showed me how flexible she is. She wanted a Facelift. I noticed that it was your attention to it. Your main problem is not the wrinkles, but that they hoped to stand again in the center .

If you find a problem, refuse to operate?

Yes. I tell people as gently as possible, why I think that plastic surgery nonsense.

What happens then?

Sometimes, someone feels understood, he goes and might even be satisfied with my answer, because he knows that he does not have to doubt at this point, the externals.

your German colleague Werner Mang conquered the Asian market – he has devised a special standard nose.

The Asians are crazy about a straight European nose. You don’t like their flat noses that look a bit indented. Here in Europe the Trend is likely to get away from the straight nose – for the snub nose. I was 30-even in Asia. I learned micro-surgery and in aesthetic surgery practiced. At that time, we have operated the Asian fish bone in the nose. This is then ulcerated at some point, but they took the in purchasing. They wanted to get rid of their saddle-nose.

behind nose problems in other stories?

nose patients are complicated. You complain about one thing, something else New: a small Dent, the nose holes are too small or too large. And then nose are coat of arms, sometimes as a family. There are men and women whose nose is even strikingly ugly, but you want to another, to distance themselves from the father. Recently, a Bosnian, said: I don’t want any father in the nose. I want to for a mother nose.

And they advise then?

Not necessarily. I’m trying to find out what expectations the people have. And how great the prospects are, that I can meet them. Not only out of charity – also out of self-protection, otherwise you are frustrated and complain to me. It may be that a father is very angry because his daughter or son from the character of the nose, a snub nose, that is to say, the family coat-of-arms is destroyed. This brings a new dynamics in this family. What you should know beforehand. I’m attentive.

but they are not a psychologist.

it is, Yes. Cosmetic surgeons do not have the appropriate training, but to do constantly with psychological Overlays. However, I have friends who are psychologists. With you, I discuss my patients to call, of course, without a name. Some of the visitors, I give the advice to go to a psychologist. Some do, some I get back, then after a couple of weeks back. The psychologist informed me: it was just an adjustment disorder at the time of Mrs X, now the OP is in order.

And then they operate.

Yes. But I have also seen that the interference is no longer an issue, when a life crisis is over. Very often patients come in for a break time to me. Their relationship plays itself out, because there is no affection more. Or you are no longer in demand in their work. They are older and not draw a lot of attention. They divorce and have the fear of loneliness. Then you want to achieve through surgery, that the crisis disappears immediately. This is of course not. I try to explain to them that crises are a fact of life and changes are often not nearly as bad as you might think at first. Some are glad, when everything’s in order again – and you see in the mirror is still her old face.

where did you get your setting?

I have spent with 30, when I was in China, some time in a Shaolin monastery. Take things as they are – that is the wisdom that is taught there. I liked it at the time, insanely good. I was then away for many years. I wanted to earn money, I was also fascinated by the aesthetic surgery and its possibilities. But I’m coming back now, more and more attention. I see so many people who are tense, you want to force the life under your control, you always rotate around themselves and are never satisfied.

do you Recommend so aging Would be? With stains of life?

I love this set from Sophia Loren: “it is Not the beauty decides whom we love, but the love decides who we find beautiful.” I’ll give some.

This will help the most as little as the prompt to think from now on, are positive.

The Trick is to distract yourself by yourself. To deal with other people. I work in a hospice. Makes it a little more modest. As the thoughts stop circling constantly, only to the Person or External. I rate some patients also to distance yourself from people that influence you negatively. Can’t be his Partner, to give a woman the feeling to be attractive. It is often wiser and much more effective, to take distance from these energy thieves, to operate.

you Would rather have been a psychologist?

As a psychologist, I would tip probably in all the dramas and tragedies. Rather, an actor or a writer – that would be something for me, because I think myself very happy in other people and am fascinated by what is going on behind the facade of everything. Aesthetic surgeon, I wouldn’t choose me again.

do not be Afraid to mess up with your analysis of the cosmetic surgery your reputation?

I expect that fewer patients will come to me, because you have to have fear that I want to look into your home and you put it in the mail. I can live with that. Also with colleagues who are angry about me and me as a traitor. I’m sure a lot of people think secretly, like me. Actually, I wanted to write about my experiences until I’m retired. But I am such a person: If something is ripe, it is ripe. It had to be now out.

the question is, why not hang the Job on the nail.

Because there are still blissful moments. If people come at the right time and know what you want, then a surgical procedure can be a very good thing. Me, the challenges of stimuli, even today, to correct, for example, a complex nose – so like that of Gerard Depardieu. I am glad to do, since I’m an artist, an architect, a surgeon at the same time. I also have three children. I think about that also. Who knows whether one of them wants to run my company?

*Artur Worseg: “Your nose can’t help it. How are we to save ourselves from the obsession with beauty”, 160 pages, 22 Euro


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