The Tokyo tribunal has approved on Friday the extension of the custody of Carlos Ghosn for a period of ten additional days, or until December 10, reported the large japanese media.

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at this date, the powerful boss, who has been revoked of Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors but remains CEO of Renault, will be released without charges or indicted. He was arrested on November 19 on suspicion of concealment of income.

An offence as early as 2009?

Carlos Ghosn is suspected of having played down his income at Nissan of a billion yen per year (7.7 million euros) over the period April 2010 to march 2015, in the public documents submitted by the company to the financial authorities in japan.

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however, according to a source close to the dossier, the survey shows that this situation began in 2009 and was still continuing the last year. The investigations could theoretically be extended to other years, or other reasons, Nissan is blaming his former boss of having committed abuse of social goods, such as the use of luxury residences at the expense of the company.

“Each country has its own judicial systems,”

in the Face of some criticism abroad, especially in France, on the length and conditions of detention, the prosecution is defended. “Each country has its own history, its own tradition, its own judicial systems. I do not criticize the rules of other countries simply because they are different, and I find it inappropriate to do so,” said Shin Kukimoto, deputy prosecutor of Tokyo, on the occasion of a press conference on Thursday.

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Away from his life-style, glitzy, Carlos Ghosn stays in present in a cell of a prison in the north of Tokyo. His lawyers cannot attend hearings and visits are very limited. According to japanese media, the French president, Emmanuel Macron, and the japanese Prime minister Shinzo Abe could discuss the subject in the margin of the G20 summit, which opens this Friday in Argentina.


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