They have not just crossed a street, but, for many, the paris ring road in order to find a offer in co-op or employment on the occasion of the exhibition Young people for the future, September 18, at the door of the Villette, in Paris. Local Missions, recruiters, workshops, consulting… the organizers are ambitious : they want to put the dropouts on the way to work.

in The middle of a green space flashy, between the tables, workshops where to discuss professionals and candidates near the bar to CV, Khalil, twenty, is experiencing its shyness in an exercise of eloquence. He responds in a loud voice to questions on its assets imposed by a “coach” that pushes it to its limits. “What are you worthy of trust? Give me three wages,” she says, making a few steps. “I have the sense of organization and contact,” tries the young man, smiling, but the look of hesitant. He struggles to find a third one… “A little boat”, is launching a voice in the small, packed crowd around him. “Certainly, but I would not have had her courage,” retorted another.

REPORTING >> The “youth Guarantee”, net backup for dropouts

The courage and the tenacity, that the holder of a bac+3 in marketing do not fail. Which makes it default to get a CDI, it’s a car, ” he says. “It is always requested for the position of commercial research. It’s going to help,” says Anita Luche, in charge of relations with the local mission of Evry (91), who has chartered a bus of 40 young people for the occasion.

“The topic is very complex,” says Muriel Pénicaud

Maliana and Alisha go from stand to stand, looking a little lost. Both come from Saint-Denis (93), a few kilometres away. What are they? “No matter what”, races, Maliana, before changing your mind. Holder of a bac and BEP “career health and social work”, it is “something in the animation”. But “nothing works”. “It’s been a year that I send RESUME, I have no answer. I’ve had a few interviews, which have resulted in nothing, I don’t understand”, she said, dépitée. It is far from the only one. Many of the requests focus on the business of animation, recognizes a professional in front of the minister of Labour, Muriel Pénicaud, came to visit the lounge in the evening.

“What does it take to get to work quickly? How do you want us to sort of unemployment while you do recruit? What should I put on my CV?” asks Alisha. We asked these questions to Muriel Pénicaud. The minister of Labour does not get wet: “The subject is complex and [her] answer in three lines would show a lack of respect. There is not a pathway to a miracle… It should be well accompanied.”

HAPPY END >> Soon a job for the gardener sermonnée by Macron?

these are The same concerns that has been put forward, the young gardener who has arrested Emmanuel Macron last weekend, triggering this response from the president of the Republic – and the controversy that followed: “I crossed the road, I find you” a job.

“Oh my God, there are Mac Do, we need to go there!”

a second year Student in BTS shopping, Alisha looks for a job food. In the past year, she has been baby-sitting service, but would prefer something else. It is populated from the SNCF: “They recruit only full-time”. To work in a restaurant, at H&M? It did not make the fine mouth. Las, it has deposited his or her CV in the signs near her home and the centre of Paris, without success. “Send nominations, one does it,” sighs she, looking up at the sky… when suddenly, his eye lights up: “Oh my God, there are Mac Do, we need to go there!”

a Few aisles further on, the giant of the fast-food american welcomes the candidates on its stand. Smile, Alisha puts in his CV. “I’m available now and I can work in the evenings up to 23 hours”, says she. “Some nights, it finishes at 2 hours 30”, replies, quite curtly, the in charge of recruitment, by annotating the CV. “No problem, I can stay up to 2: 30 p.m. if necessary,” replies the young woman of the tac to the tac.

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Control of the unemployed: tougher sanctions-than-expected Unemployment with increases of 0.4% in the third quarter of 2018 unemployment at less than 9% by the end of the year?

Find a job in the restoration, would it be as simple? The other person promised him an answer within fifteen days.


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