Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) holds a cancer in the foreseeable future for curable. “There is a good chance that we have defeated in ten to 20 years, the cancer,” said Spahn of the Rheinische Post. The medical progress is immense, the research is promising.

Spahn pointed to the progress in cancer prevention. “There is progress in cancer detection, prevention,” he said. After all, one-fifth of the cancers could, therefore to Smoking. Another cause of a bad dining are and living habits, could you get through education is stronger in the handle. In addition, some types of cancer would be detected early. “The colorectal cancer screening will be extended. An early detection of Tumor can be very often cured.”

At the same time, have achieved the research for new results. “Who would have thought ten years ago that we are going to develop a vaccine against the HP-Virus and this Virus could theoretically be eradicated if the young people before first sexual intercourse vaccinate,” said Spahn.

number of new cases rises

The German Foundation for patient protection contradicted Spahn and accused him of irresponsibility. “The number of new cases of cancer has doubled since the 1970s in Germany. Almost 500,000 people are diagnosed each year, about 220,000 will die from it,” said Chairman of the Foundation, Eugen Brysch of the Catholic news Agency. Reason for this is the aging is the end of society. It is irresponsible to argue in the face of this development, there is a good chance to have cancer in ten to 20 years are defeated. “A Minister of health should not squander for a headline, the confidence of the patients”, said Brysch.

The Federal government announced this week to invest more money in research and prevention of cancer. At the Start of the Initiative, National decade against cancer of the Minister of research, Anja Karliczek (CDU) had announced last Tuesday the promotion of studies for the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of cancer. Up to 62 million Euro will be provided. In addition to the health and Ministry of education and research, the German cancer research center, the German cancer aid, medical professional societies, medical associations, foundations and health insurance companies are involved, among other things, of the Initiative.

cancer diseases are after cardiovascular, the second most common cause of death in Germany. 2015 cancer diseases, according to the Federal Statistical office, the cause for almost a quarter of all deaths.


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