A Boeing 777 from Pakistan International Airlines

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lit Actually, the seatbelt sign: get Up prohibited. Because the plane had already left the Gate at Manchester airport, and taxied to the runway. But suddenly a passenger stood up on the toilet the relief to the gain.

Apparently, she had been very excited. Because on Board the large aircraft of Pakistan International Airline (PIA), which was supposed to fly to Islamabad, opened the door to the silent Village, but pressed the button of the Notausstiegstür in the rear – with fatal consequences.

Immediately, the aircraft door opened to the outside and the evacuation slide was activated in a matter of seconds with the aid of a pressure gas container inclined chute inflates, so that the passengers as quickly as possible – for example, in the case of a fire on Board – leave the cabin, and without prejudice to the ground can achieve.

check list against fear of flying: to fly safely Fullscreen

1. You make it on Board before the Start of a Plan for the emergency, count the rows of seats and behind until the next emergency exit. So the first 14 tips from the check list of the recent book “crash test” by Andreas Spaeth is.

©archive Emergency Exit had to decelerate to Seven hours of delay for PK702

The pilots. To a Start was not an option. “When the woman was asked why she had opened the emergency door, she said that she thought it was the toilet”, according to the newspaper “Tribune” about the unusual incident.

On Twitter has released photos of the extended slide, with the identification of the aircraft is clearly visible. It is a Boeing 777 with the official recognition AP-BHW. On Board of this machine there are 393 seats in the Economy Class and Business Class.

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The accidental Triggering of the emergency slide had happened on the Friday before Pentecost. The Retraction of the slide delayed the departure to Pakistan is not only for seven hours, but not more that 37 passengers were, according to the “Tribune” that sat in the stern, with PK702 fly. You were rebooked onto other flights to make your trip from Manchester to Islamabad to continue.

Only last week, Pakistan International Airline was in the headlines. On a flight from Islamabad to Karachi, the passengers had complained about the Catering: you inferior food, “supposedly age-old bread and half-cooked, it was chicken”, served.

source: “Tribune” and flightradar24.com

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