A 35-Year-old Frenchwoman has been removed, the tip of the nose surgically, after your skin cancer has been diagnosed. The woman had the affected area in your face by mistake for pimples kept. As “Metro” reports, noticed the mother of a three-year-old daughter to the point with about five millimeters in diameter, for the first time last summer. First of all, she thought, therefore, that it was a scratch. But the point remained, bleeding stage again and again, before regularly new scab formed.

Fatal diagnosis, the doctor diagnosed as insect bite – now the Patient is terminal cancer

As she interviewed last October, the house doctor, then, assumed this, that the pimple is bacterial caused and prescribed anti-bacterial creams. As this had no effect, he would have to visit her to get a skin doctor, is quoted the data used in the article. In the dermatologist’s practice, they had been initially put off. As you described your Problem, you would have obtained, however, promptly make an appointment. “Because I knew it was serious,” said the woman, according to the report. A biopsy of the pickles brought the diagnosis of basal cell cancer. This malignant disease is also sometimes referred to as the “white skin cancer” because it’s different than “black skin cancer” – with dark melanoma.

the skin cancer the Doctors cut even the tip of your nose starting from

The Doctors in Toulouse live French stated that they would have to remove the affected cells surgically. The procedures were terminated in may 2019. In the first surgery, the Doctors, the patient scored eleven mm of the nose, to ensure that all cancer cells were removed. In a second procedure, the woman has been a piece of skin from her forehead in place of the removed tip of the nose transplant. A third operation response from the treatment.

+++ skin cancer: Times they are light brown, sometimes black. Also in the shape and size of moles can vary greatly. How do you recognize whether it is a malicious Hautmal? The so-called ABCDE rule helps +++

The patient is needed, according to their own information for some time to get accustomed to your new Appearance. Also their relationship to the sun would have changed, so the yoga teacher. Previously, you would have a tan without sun cream on the skin, States the report. Today, you wear always protection factor of 50 because they had to know what damage could cause the sun. She said thus: “I would like that to happen ever again”.

source: “Metro”



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