Every human deal with multiple problems in his daily life. There can be massive problems or a tiny inconvenience that can spoil the whole mood of your day. Every individual plans the day so that the day can be filled with more good things and fewer troubles. But unfortunately, some troubles come uninvited. Keys stuck in locks are one of the many problems that can arise in everyday life.

It happens often that you are all set to leave the house for work and suddenly realize that your key is stuck inside your home lock. Similarly, most people face the problem where the car keys get stuck, making it harder to reach the destination on time. These situations can be handled, but emergencies can take a lot of time and worsen the situation.

Like for medical health emergencies or a million-dollar work deal. That is why it is required to know some methods to deal with keys stuck in locks. As keys and locks are directly related to the safety of your home or car, taking professional help for this can be the best idea. Contacting experts like for emergency locksmith services for your home or car locks can solve the issue in minimal time.

Experts like them guarantee 24-hour emergency service so that the customer can get help anyime. Contacting an expert service provider is the best way to deal with the problem. Still, in case of any delay, you must know some techniques that you can perform and simplify the situation until the expert reaches the premises. The following is a guide that can assist you in removing a stuck key from a lock:

Lubricate The Key Lock System To Remove It


The removal of a stuck key from a lock is a delicate situation. Any mistake in removing the key can permanently damage the lock and jeopardize the safety of your home or other properties. In case of damage, you will have to replace the lock, which will only increase your expenditure. That is why it is best to look for methods that are safe to use and easy to perform.

To remove the key, lubricating the key-lock system is a good idea. Many people think that using oil to solve this issue is a great idea, but it can worsen the situation. Oil is not the best lubricant for locks; they work fine with machine engines and parts, but locks are different and function differently, too. For this situation, powdered graphite is the best option, as it will loosen the grip and work smoothly on locks.

Among other alternatives, you can also use lubricants that are easily available in every household. For example, petroleum jelly, which people often use to treat skin dryness, can also help lubricate the system. As it supports the functionality of lock systems, it can be used as an alternative to the ideal material. Apart from that, it would help if you were careful of the way you apply the lubricant.

It is critical to apply it in such a way that it reaches the stuck part.Using this method to remove the keys can save a lot of time and effort. In the case of a delay in the services, this method can help fix the problem quickly, and it does not require expertise. Every individual can perform this step to solve the problem.

Try To Remove It By Pushing And Plugging


Multiple methods can solve this issue, but most require either the help of an expert or tools that are not easily available. As a common person, you must look for methods that take less time and money. Certain tools and equipment can help unstick the system, but it is optional to have them all.

In such cases, it is vital to be aware of techniques and methods to get out of trouble without using a certain tool. The pushing and plugging technique is one such method that can solve this problem. You must push the keys with pressure into the hole and then keep rotating them until they reach their initial position. The initial position is where the key was placed when you inserted it.

When you reach this position, gently press the plug part with another hand and try to pull the keys in an outward direction. As this process involves both hands of an individual, anyone can perform this method and get the keys out. This method requires patience and a little push-pull skill to make it work. This technique is easy to perform, as you have to make it reach the first position, and after that, it’s easy to remove it.

Apart from all other techniques, this is the easiest to learn and can be used in other home storage parts like cupboards and lockers. As these problems are common, it is vital to learn these techniques.

Keep An Expert On Speedial For Instructions


As mentioned above, there are certain tactics to handle this situation, but in a few cases, people make the situation harder to handle due to fast movements and panic. Only some people are an expert in repairing parts and appliances, which is why it is vital to keep an expert on speed dial so that the person can take instructions properly.

Mostly, the lock services reach the location on time and handle the situation subtly, but in a few cases, there can be some delay. Under their supervision, you can try some simple techniques to remove the keys until they reach the location and can remove this trouble.

By contacting them early, you can also collect the essential things for your house that would be needed in the process. Because some of the tools are common in every home, you can use them after receiving instructions from the experts. This method can also be useful if your location is remote and difficult to reach.


Many problems occur in day-to-day life, but very few have the potential to spoil the plan and mood of the day. Stuck keys are one of the problems that occur in everyone’s life. Fortunately, so many services are available that not only solve the problem on time but are also available 24 hours a day.

As a responsible person, you should always contact an expert to deal with this trouble, but in case of an emergency, you must apply the steps in the above guide. This will not only help with quick solutions but will also train you for future problems so that you can easily deal with them.