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it’s called defense – in-chief or the Minister of defense to read. Because Finn Lemke plays in the national handball team in defence. A Position, which is associated with a lot of hard body contact. Lemke’s physiotherapist Sascha Seifert has adhesive for all cases the suitcase full of colorful bands, the so-called Kinesio tape. “I’ve had quite a few injuries on the hump,” says Lemke of the TIME, “and the Tapes have each Time done well.”

this elastic tapes, there is a Hype. To loosen tension, relieve pain, swelling, joints support, and even force-enhancing effect. About physiotherapy practices, the adhesive bonding technique ended up gradually while domestic users. And since the bands are even in super markets and discount stores, is booming in the Self – or partner taping. But what is the a art on the skin-mounted fabric belts?

the Kinesio Tape, in 1973, was Invented by the Japanese Kenzo Kase, which was a PR Job, one of the first chiropractors in Japan. Kases Tape is almost as elastic as the skin, and does not restrict the movement. On the cotton fabric, acrylic is applied to the adhesive with which the approximately five-inch-wide strips can attach. Supposedly the pressure exerted by them train lifts the skin and promotes a gentle continuous massage in this way, the circulation of the blood. Then, it could be inflammation of the flow of the substances and lymphatic fluid, and the tissue threshold. At the same time, the tapes will activate receptors in the skin to painful stimuli block. This is physiologically plausible. After five to seven days, the tapes will be deducted again with the cooking oil and it popped supposedly better. “It gives me a better feeling, and therefore I will continue to use it,” says Finn Lemke. But what did the experts say?

Martin Engelhardt, chief physician at Klinikum Osnabrück, is a Board member of the society for Orthopaedic traumatologic sports medicine, author of numerous books and was a Senior orthopedic surgeon of the German Olympic team. Yes, there are many high-performance athletes, the believed to the Kinesio Tape, says Engelhardt. “But with the measurements,” he says, “is the effect not objectify.”

His colleague Tobias Renkawitz of the Orthopaedic University clinic Regensburg leads the consortium of evidence-based medicine within the German society for Orthopaedics and accident surgery. For the TIME he has analyzed recent studies on the effectiveness of the Kinesio taping. His conclusion: There is surprisingly little methodical, good Work with a clear focus on the Patient. “Scientifically much air there is up.” The few high-quality comparative studies have a common conclusion: “A clear efficacy of Kinesio Tape as a single measure in the treatment of joint and muscle injuries can’t be evidence,” says Renkawitz. Doctors and physiotherapists agreed, however, could be the Tapes a building block for a fast return to the Sport.

Kinesio Tape Which tapes to be used after an injury such as this?

: Hardly, the foot is bent, swells the tissue. It’s just a Hyperextension, you can limit on the basis of the PITCH-as a rule, damage: Pause, ice, Compression, Elevation. Compression of the injured area, for example, with an elastic bandage limits the swelling and small hemorrhages into the surrounding tissue. Is no binders at Hand, is enough to Distress a piece of cloth. After a few days, many athletes go to the Tape, the train of the elastic fabric bands, you should be able to, among other things, your joint again.

Stabilize: After a serious injury, the joints are sometimes still unstable. Then, elastic woven tapes and bandages are not used. Sometimes it is just to provide a muscle velvet Crave quiet for a while. A solid zinc-glue bandage can help with tendonitis and as a compression bandage in case of acute swelling, for example, when a muscle fiber tear in the calf area.

Support: Even if the joints are damaged by frequent injuries or osteoarthritis, is for the Sport, a non-elastic Tape is best. This needs to be replaced after a short period of time, because it loses its strength. Next up is a brace, a Splint: it restricts the movement in one direction and is used if, for example, in the knee a cruciate ligament torn, and a cross-band, plastic has been used. Even after an Achilles rupture, tendon, or after multiple torn ligaments in the ankle orthotic joint used.


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