The Bundestag on the question discussed, whether the blood tests for Pregnant women, to determine whether your child with down syndrome, and Fund performance. The views of the situation across all the groups. The orientation debate, in which 38 Speakers participants speakers, was scheduled to continue for two hours.

advocates, such as, for example, the Union’s Deputy Claudia Schmidtke, argued that the Unborn more dangerous amniocentesis in pregnant women at Risk, which serves the same target today Fund is performance. It was not rational that you wanted to move in a less dangerous diagnostic procedures stricter limits, she said. You also claimed that you could combine cash benefits with an obligation to provide Advice. If parents for the diagnostic procedure paid for, as is currently the case, is not possible.

The Left-the Deputy Petra Sitte called it socially unjust if poorer women were to be excluded from the Test because they could not afford this. Similar to health politician Karl Lauterbach argued the SPD. “We can’t say the better Test we can’t offer you, because you have the money,” said Lauterbach. Lauterbach also pointed out that in 19 out of 20 cases of suspected down syndrome confirm. The blood test could, therefore, lead to a disability, to exclude.

It is also a matter of future Tests

Lauterbach but also to the Problem that it is in the future, many Tests would give before the birth, the risk for certain diseases notice. Not in all cases their Use was so clear as in the case now discussed blood tests. He demanded, therefore, the establishment of a new Commission, composed of ethicists and Medical professionals, should decide about such Tests.

the AfD’s Deputy, Axel Gehrke, blood testing for high-risk pregnant women make to the Fund performance. For a Protest he took care with his appearance, the SPD and the Green mothers gave the impression that they could careless can leave until the ninth month to abort. This pressure on mothers to be established.

The disability policy spokesperson of the Greens, Corinna Rüffer, however, is clearly against the Tests. “We are on the verge of a decision, we can control just yet,” she said, after she had welcomed the guests on the grandstand. Pursued there, parents with children who have down’s syndrome, the debate. Objective of health services should always be to cure people, said Rüffer. The down syndrome is not a disease and cannot be cured.

“Test selection”

an abortion, would The Tests were used for selection, because most of the Embryos will diagnosed with trisomy 21,. In conversations with parents with children affected her, many people had said that they were grateful that they had known before the birth of the disability of your child and also didn’t have to know.

The real Problem was that the company was not skilled in dealing with disabilities, said Rüffer. This had to be better. The SPD MEP Dagmar Schmidt, who is herself the mother of a child with down syndrome, said she was against two-tier medicine. Here it go, but also to economic interests. The initiators of the request, blood tests for Fund performance, were not patient representatives, but the manufacturer, which were a lucrative market. “There is also a right not to know,” said Schmidt. In addition, Doctors are often not in a position to advise after a Test about how with the results.

Between a presumption and the refusal to consider but there were also many compromise positions. Also, the green MP Kirsten Kappert-Gonther, for example, spoke out against the nationwide introduction of the Tests, such as in Iceland. There is hardly a child born with down syndrome. “This is the normal case should not give it in Germany,” she said. Nevertheless, in certain high-risk cases should be the Test for Fund performance. Others argued that to pay for the Test until the twelfth week. So that would be excluded, that a woman could have an abortion without medical indication, since this is in Germany only in the first three months penalty free.

Down syndrome What is trisomy 21?

trisomy 21 is the most common deviation of the number of chromosomes – occurs in about one out of 800 infants. Some Doctors and medical practitioners Down syndrome, denote, therefore, not as a disease but as an anomaly.

The cause of the anomaly is an error in the formation of the germ cells (sperm and egg). In the normal case, the person has the chromosomes of 23 pairs of chromosomes – 22 autosomes pairs plus two sex. During fertilization, the germ cells of the parents unite. These each lead to a single set of chromosomes, which merge to a double set. The first cell of the child therefore has a total of 46 chromosomes. In rare cases, the germ cell contains one chromosome more. In the case of each people, of forming germ cells, such random events. As soon as this unites with the germ cell of the other parent, produces a cell with 47 chromosomes. The extra chromosome is one of the no 21, a child with Down syndrome to the world.


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