Actually, Dominik Koepfer was the weekend after New Haven drive. In the city in the U.S. state of Connecticut the next Challenger tournament will take place. But because he has become for the events of the second category, meanwhile, too big, he has cancelled the organizers.

Although he led on the Homepage of the Oracle Challenger Series as a participant, but Koepfer has better things to do. He’s playing on Sunday rather at the US Open in New York after he moved in on Friday night, a complete surprise to the round of sixteen of the approximately 57.2 million Dollar event.

“It still feels a bit unreal. I’m a bit speechless,” said Koepfer, according to his 6:3, 7:6 (7:5), 4:6, 6:1 against the No. 17 seeded Georgian Nikolos Bassilaschwili. “I was hoping that I can win here with a good Los perhaps a game in the main field. Now there are three,” said the 25-Year-old in disbelief.

The black forest, comes as the former world-class ski jumper Martin Schmitt from Furtwangen, the supernatant in Flushing Meadows, according to ATP figures, the first German qualifier since the age of 13 to the third round. The last time had reached Benjamin Becker in 2006 as a German qualifier in the second round by the 3. Round Andre Agassi defeated, and thus the career of the American had finished.

Becker and Koepfer have some similarities. Both played in the U.S. at the College and brought in as the finishing touch for the Tennis Tour. “So Benjamin Becker is already something of a role model for me,” said Koepfer. “He has won at the College almost everything and was also very successful.”

That can’t say the same Koepfer of yet. Before he came to New York, he had this year, just one (!) Victory on the ATP Tour, recorded – in the first round of Wimbledon against Serb Filip Krajinovic. Now three have come further. And this will change the lives of Koepfer completely.

280 000 dollars in prize money he has in New York already. “This takes all the pressure. On the Challenger Tour, it is hard. You have to pay the coach, his rent, the travel and earned almost nothing. Now the next year is covered already,” said the current number 118 in the world. Due to his successes in New York, he will reach now far below the Top 100. He is currently occupied in the Live Ranking of 84. Which means that he will be until the end of the year on the Challenger Tour, but on the big ATP Tour.

But even that is not far away, after all, the US Open is over for him. He has included the games in qualifying and now already six games into the bone, is expected to play on Sunday against the Russians Daniil Medvedev in the second round not matter. “I feel good, nothing hurts,” said Koepfer, is how to go in front of each lot to an Italian in Manhattan.

strength and courage, he draws also always a look in his Box in the stands. There has to be a Coach, Rhyne Williams peace and Serenity radiates, to drive him to his old friends from College in New Orleans again and again. And then had set out on Friday a very special audience to the ranks. Boris Becker looked at the new German shooting star. “As I’ve seen him since, I became a bit nervous,” said Koepfer. So he arrived in his new Tennis world just yet.

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