Since the beetle in the VW-programme and runs and runs, the T-Transporter, the longest-serving model series at Volkswagen are running. What started with the legendary T1 in 1950, is now reached at T6. VW itself speaks of him very immodestly, as “Bauhaus on wheels, of six generations of an icon”. Of the original Cutie of the “Bulli”, however, is not much with the edgy T3 at the latest, since 1979, left in 1990, VW adopted then also from the rear of the engine. For 2015, the T6 is on the market, which was actually less of a completely new model, because a strong Facelift of the T5. So now the Facelift is getting a Facelift and the model 6.1. An Update, not a whole new Version.

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Volkswagen T6.1

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visible From the outside is the updated VW Bus, especially on the revised Design of the new, significantly in the width of the grown, and with two chrome cross bars ornate grille, and the updated Design of the front bumper. The headlights are a bit flat and now have the VW light signature.

Significantly more Hand the VW have created engineers in the uncluttered interior: less buttons, more Clarity, more and bigger shelves as well as a steeper dashboard. The completely revised and, on request, digital Cockpit now offers in addition to the two round instruments for speed and speed is also a digital multi-function display with the most important driving and vehicle data. In the basic version it is necessary to take with analog instruments do. With the optional infotainment system MIB3, which comes from the Passat, the new VW Bus on your own eSIM card permanently online. So can be downloaded if required, for example, system updates, and various online services are used. Under the Label of “We Connect” offers VW a number of such services to the fleet management. The Central screen has become greater especially during the journey to better use.

From simple to elegant

The emotional quality of the T6’s interior largely depends on of equipment packages, and – above all – purpose. It ranges from a little sparkling easy care hard plastic but the interior with the rugged seat covers, and thanks to partition only to a limited adjustable backrest in the box in the car, and must stand each in front of all time, Dirt and Rough behaviour, over mechanically-chunky Seitenspiebel the flatbed truck for the construction site to the luxuriously furnished Shuttle Bus. Being determines consciousness. Little things are the hallmarks of this picture – for Good, for bad. To the Good, for example, the four grab handles in the Cockpit, the worries on bad roads for good Hold of the passengers. The Poor, however, the pillar on which in the T6 of the shift lever for the gear selection sits. Well in reach, Yes, but the unyielding hard plastic ensures that the right knee RUB against it is painful. This is in many vehicles, not just VW. When mercy finally a Controller to the few cents for a bit of a cushion there to release?

Identical dimensions

place it in the facelifted T6 Multivan as with the previous plenty – the dimensions are identical. Headroom front and Rear, plenty of knee space, for Luggage – the classic Argument for the VW Bus. A “load function” will ensure that long objects can be pushed up under the passenger seat – the normal loading area extends behind the huge tailgate of 2.45 to 2.8 meters. If that’s not enough, there’s the T6 also with an extended wheelbase. The trailer load can be, depending on the motorization of up to 2.5 tons.

The steering Wheel is flattened at the bottom – this not only looks better, but also makes it easier to get started. The new and direct preset electro-mechanical steering response is precise, if a little callous. It is not only since this Version of the VW-Bus is like driving a Car. Has upgraded VW his “Mister T” even with the assistance systems – the electro-mechanical steering system makes it possible. With the offer of a side wind assistant, lane are now hold-, Park – and-trailer-wizard, all-round edge protection or traffic sign recognition. Thanks to the automatic distance control, the T6 is going.1, for example in urban Stop-and-Go traffic or in a traffic jam again automatically as soon as the car accelerates in front of him.

Not a cheap pleasure

The market launch offers VW for the T6.1 four Turbodiesel in either 66 kW / 90 HP, 81 kW / 110 PS, 110 kW / 150 HP and 146 KW / 199 HP, the part optionally can be combined with a smooth-shifting dual-clutch gearbox. Also, optionally, as from the 150-HP Version: all-wheel drive 4Motion. As far as the acceleration, is the T6.1 not just a spirited bunch, but in General, the engine power in the basic version. Even in sport mode (Yes, the’s with the DSG) is from the almost five-metre-long Bus, however, is not a race car. The suspension is sufficiently comfortable, reacts on bad roads but occasionally very grumpy and gruff. With the chassis control DCC, the attenuation can be changed continuously.

From the autumn of 2019, the T6 is.1 at the dealers. It will give him in four basic models: Multivan, Caravelle, Transporter and California. Price: Still VW it makes are still largely a secret and announced just the prices for the two entry-level models of Transporter (22.990 Euro) and Multivan (EUR 31,000). But really “cheap” was the VW Bus never. In the past, there was not a big Problem to get sick of about 100,000 euros. Together with the Bavarian Refiner Abt VW is already working on a pure electric version of the T6.1.

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