The Bernabeu Stadium raged – out of frustration. For the tenth Time, Figo from bite to Bixente Lizarazu and Sammy Kuffour, the teeth. When he broke through at the eleventh Time, however, prevented defense boss Patrik Andersson and goalkeeper-Titan Kahn worse. Who saw on Wednesday, the game of Bayern at Anfield, had to think long, to find in the Champions League so defensive and combative first-class Munich team.

it was Only in 2001, one discovers certain Parallels to today. At that time, the team of coach Hitzfeld in the CL semi-finals met to the favorite Merengues to Figo, Raul and Roberto Carlos. The first leg was to the absurd defensive battle, where the 3-series interior defender chain Kuffour – Andersson – Linke by the French world champion Lizarazu and Sagnol to the impenetrable Bus-Before-The-gate. Self-Scholl worked hard on the Figo-side-to-rear, so that actually no one would have a goal for the Bavarians may be achieved. Had it not been for real goalkeeper Casillas, who let in a shot from the FCB striker Elber from what felt like 50 meters.

behind your Back and the long oats to the front

Maybe Liverpool Klopp also felt this Bayern of 2001 recalls, as he stated after the 0:0 surprised: “I didn’t see Gnabry ever defend, I saw Alaba and Kimmich, ever so disciplined – to the rear.” This Klopp quote describes the game perfectly. Kovac had given to his Team in view of the shortcomings and vulnerability in the offensive attack game is a merciless but pragmatic tactics: frivolous ball to minimize losses, rather the back of you, or a long oat behind the peaks go up on the three offensive players, Lewandowski, Coman and Gnabry none over the center line.

About the author

today Stefan Johannesberg pray every weekend, three of Klaus Augenthaler that he, as a six year old kid for FC Bayern München against HSV and 1. FC Cologne decided. Random. At the beginning of the 80s, these Teams have dominated and as a born in Kiel, Holstein, at that time was a little sexy. The passion pulsates, even after decades, as on the first day. These he lives as a media-creating, since 2001, also a journalist. In this Bavaria-column he writes from a Fan perspective. With data, facts, praise, love, and criticism. As a real Fan.

was The result of the Bavaria, in contrast to the League Play for ball losses were mostly well positioned, to the brutally quick, vertical attacks of the Liverpool Salah, Mané and Firmino to intercept. In the first half, they came even to some good chances on the break, but were unable to turn off the Strikers on the other side. In the second half laughed at the play on both sides. Kovac has hopefully seen exactly that, even Klopp’s warriors are not able to go to her high Tempo over 90 minutes. With Goretzka, or a Miller, instead of the offensively disappointing James a little more than a 0:0 would have been maybe possible.

Niko Kovac maintains a uneitlen pragmatism

What brought the game even for knowledge? Martinez and Hummels put in a Vintage world-class services. The Spaniard was not happy, that he build the game and Hummels that he has not had time to defend the centre line. Both were able to conduct their experience in combat and in the defensive space interpretation of the play. Also Kovac, this initial situation was. At last he was his only advantage over tactics-mages such as Pep Guardiola, Favre or nail man playing his uneitlen pragmatism. Where his above-mentioned colleagues usually want to move away just a little of their offensive domination-boots and then against hardened counter-pressing and counter-attacking Teams like Liverpool or Atletico Madrid lose, chose the Croatian is simply the best possible Huub Stevens-memory variant: the Zero must stand, everything else follows.

press review “FC Bayern has let the myth of Anfield Road are not intimidated”

Unfortunately, the Zero, in contrast to the described 2001’s Madrid victory also in the front. That is to say, Liverpool is a 1:1 or 2:2 enough to come to the Next. Anyone who has seen the Bayern Munich this year in the Allianz Arena, aware of their vulnerability. In addition, it will be locked in addition to Thomas Müller also Joshua Kimmich, while on the other hand, the Dutch defense monster Van Dyke will be there again.

The game is the trial by fire for Kovac

The trial by fire for Kovac and perhaps even for its continued employment in the next season only drops in the return game. He must manage to create out of the Liverpool game and the previous Bundesliga games of a healthy mixture of defensive and offensive phases. He manages to do this already in the return game, it is obvious that Kovac and his team, despite the difficult season, contrary to expectations, all of the doors. In 2001, Bayern took a 2:1 victory in the return game against Real and your Last-Minute death knell for the master of the heart, both title: Champions League and Bundesliga.


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