Munich – As a sovereign hostess led them to the side of Gülseren Demirel (Green) through its first “country talk”. The new discussion format, the intended series as a fun addition to the academic event, celebrated on the Tuesday evening Premiere in the Parliament.

The date was deliberately chosen: On Tuesday, 100 years ago, Marie Juchacz was working as the first woman to make a speech in the German Parliament, in front of the national Assembly in Weimar. The theme of “100 years of women’s right to vote” was only the starting point for a conversation that revolved around the question of the equality of man and woman. On the Podium a colorful guest mix: Sky-presenter Lisa hole, which was as underage victims of bullying by Stefan Raab famous. The ProSieben Moderator years ago made lewd jokes about the then-16-Year-old. In addition to your business consultant and Feminist Robert franc. The Director of the Political Academy Tutzing, Professor Ursula Münch. As well as the former Federal Minister Renate Schmidt (SPD) and Nicole Schindelar, in a women’s atypical career success: as a Boss of a Munich-based junkyard.

“Stoiber,” need for mom Bavaria

To get in the mood “the better feminist” onto the stage: Edmund Stoiber, presented by cabaret artist Wolfgang Krebs, welcomed the audience, a gender-appropriate manner with “dear sister inner and sisters, love bees”. Actually, Luise was supposed to Kinseher with a “pulse unit”. “Unfortunately,” said Ilse Aigner, “is ill. And, of all things, a man has proved to be extremely flexible.“ Stoiber, instead of the resigned, Mama Bavaria. She took the audience’s laughter and applause for cancer.

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The “fixed work”, such as Aigner, called for the following discussion, mainly consisted of individual responses of the guests. Very entertaining, the comments of Renate Schmidt to your time as a programmer in the 1960s. Depressing the portrayal of Lisa’s hole, and told how she uses her experience to help bullying victims. Encouraging is the story of Nicole Schindelar, “scrap Princess”, which took over the operation of her deceased father, and this man’s job respect had to give. Wise thoughts of Robert franc and Ursula Münch, the fear that coming generations of women are much less experienced equality.

+ Wolfgang Krebs jumped in as Edmund Stoiber spontaneously for the ill Luise Kinseher.© Oliver Bodmer

five guests and only one and a half hours time, it is difficult to go into the discussion in depth, as one visitor expressed regret at the end. Some would have preferred more “tangible work”. The Format still found Favor – in advance. At 500 Commitments, the Parliament had reached its capacity limits. “We were of the great response, a little surprised,” said Aigner. In fact, all the listener did not fit in the Senate hall, the round was transferred to the outside. Two to four times in the year you want to offer the “land talks” in the future, said Ilse Aigner.


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