questions to ask under-21 coach Stefan Kuntz to the 1:2 (0:1)-defeat of his team in the European championship final against Spain:

it Was from their point of view, a deserved defeat, or rather unnecessary? What are the steps in its development have made their players at this tournament?

Stefan Kuntz: First of all, we must congratulate Spain for the title. This is a great team. That you a half, has problems from time to time, is ok. We have not presented to us but only as equals, but we have shown that we can be with our game Spain, too dangerous. Therefore, this defeat is also one of the experiences that we have developed here. A-Final defeat has had its effect. If you do that well, you can draw many Lessons. So I’m super-proud of the boys. It is also a huge package of experience and improvements, that have taken the boys.

What is your explanation for this, that it has not works?

Kuntz: Spain has it made in the first half, tactically a bit different, as we expected. You have to get the Majority on one side in the midfield so well that they have played very well. We have corrected the mid-term, and the logical consequence was then that we got the game in the handle. We have developed successively of Goal. At the worst time the 0:2, the has given us, of course, a kink was then. Then you can be proud of this team, because they said, we have no Chance, but we use them for.

Benjamin Henrichs has just shed tears. How can you build up your players now?

Kuntz: If this is the first disappointment is over, remember the guys that they can take a lot of positive things. You have done quite a lot of steps here that will help you in your future careers is unlikely.

you have said that the departure of this team falls hard. What is the feeling just after the final whistle?

Kuntz: at The Moment, it is good for me. We still have a joint dinner with the families and friends of the players. So you have still time, now in peace, to leave all to reminisce and to say goodbye in peace. Tomorrow it goes back and then all go into the deserved vacation. That’s why I’m now in the first place is unlikely proud that we have managed this EM for Germany.

What the Vintage is of this U21?

Kuntz: I am pleased that we have shown that the Germans talents can keep up with all of the talents in Europe. That was what I wished for the boys. It must not always be the Dribbling or speed. It is a mental strength, it’s Not going to Give up, it is a Form of hunger for success, resilience, tactical plans to implement. The are also all talents that are, in my eyes, in football, is very important.

one or the other now Creates the jump in the A-national team?

Kuntz: This is what I wish from the heart. Up to the very large eagle, it is still a piece of. A few people have already breathed on it and will have certainly supported by this tournament, rather than have messed up. When one or the other it would be good if he plays one or two years at a constant level, and then you can talk about the great eagle again.



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