For Benjamin Henrichs and Nadiem Amiri fins, tears of disappointment, coach Stefan Kuntz looked on in defeat again to the front.

“When this first disappointment has passed, will notice the guys that they can take a lot of positive things,” said Kuntz, the 1:2 (0:1) of its under-21s in the European championship final against Spain. “I am now in the first place is unlikely proud that we have managed this EM for Germany.” The Chance to be the first title defense of a German under-21s missed the team however, it remains the case of two titles in 2009 and 2017.

In a shared meal with family and friends, started for the players still on late Sunday evening, the workup of the bitter experience at the end of the tournament. “Now we celebrate the completion of this EM, and, this year,” said Kuntz. “There is time, then, in peace, to allow all to reminisce and to say goodbye to them alone.” Then it goes for Kuntz and his professionals in the holidays.

one or The other will probably ruminate about the avoidable defeat. After a nervous early phase against strong play at the end of the Spaniards, and the early goal by Fabián Ruiz (7. Minute) fought back the German U21 footballers in the game. In the strongest German Phase then dropped after a blunder by Keeper Alexander Nübel the 0:2 by Dani Olmo (69.). The connection of Nadiem Amiri was late (88.). “We have shown that we will give here only beaten when the referee blows the whistle,” said Kuntz. “This is again been a Signal.”

German coach Joachim Löw, who had followed the final with a DFB Delegation at the stadium, praised the under-21s for a “great tournament”. “Our team showed against the strong Spaniards have a good attitude and fought to the end,” he said. DFB-Director Oliver Bierhoff praised the appearance of the Teams at the tournament in Italy and San Marino have done “good”.

For the players, the disappointment prevailed nevertheless. “We gave everything, but it was not enough,” said Henrichs, with tears in the eyes. “You must cope with it.” Especially Nübel, who was in debt to the previous level of strong tournament performances the goal to the 0:2 was bent. “He would have been able to hold on to this Ball, certainly”, said Kuntz. “But in the end, we are also due to Alex in the final.” Team-mate Nadiem Amiri took the Keeper in protection: “He has played still a world-class tournament.”

After all a trophy it was at the end for a striker Luca Waldschmidt, who met in the final, but with seven goals still the Top Scorer of the tournament. “That doesn’t count. We wanted to keep the big trophy in the hands,” said Freiburger. “For the Moment, it hurts that we have lost. But I think we played a good tournament and can be a bit proud of that.”



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