The time too ? The mp LREM Agnes Thill, opposed to the extension of the LDCS, said Thursday that “the absence of gender in the word parent promotes the emergence of qur’anic schools” (condemned by elected members of its group.

The elected of the Oise, warned several times by LREM, for some of its public positions, has held that the report of the mission of the national Assembly on the bioethics crossed a “red line” in some of its recommendations. In a letter addressed to his colleagues of the majority group, in particular, they felt that to accept in the future revision of the law of the “intended parent” – the parent has no biological connection with the child – “allows the multiplication of parents” and that the word parent, “no more sense”.

“It follows, politically, that this absence of gender in the word parent promotes the emergence of qur’anic schools and the departure of our students to these”, writes the former director of the school.

as An elected LREM request exclusion

“Our muslim friends, that we know are opposed to this progressive distancing of the concepts of father-mother, man-woman (…) will point in the street, or at the ballot box, to express their design. But they live by creating a parallel world in the Republic, where things are as they want (…) there is not, among our muslim friends, parent 1 and parent 2,” adds Agnes Thill, who quotes in his letter among the experts to be imposed on the extension of the LDCS, “lawyers”, “scientific”, “associations” but also “masons”…

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reasoning that have not tasted some of the elected LREM. “Tired of a mp @LaREM could pronounce about homophobic and islamophobic as freely… The mail received by my colleagues and myself is a carpet of nonsense that stigmatizes unnecessarily two minorities. In France, there is no ‘parallel’ to the Republic,” responded on Twitter Laurence Vanceunebrock-Mialon.

“Stop. Homophobia, islamophobia (…) @AgnesThill must, without delay, be excluded from @LaREM”, has tweeted to his turn, Aurelian Tache.

With the Release, Mary Lebec, spokesman for the group LREM, has denounced a letter “a caricature, such as Agnes Thill can be.” The mp LREM deux-Sèvres William Chick, called her colleague to stop “dirtying our group” and to go “spreading elsewhere” to his opinions.

LREM had, in November, put a “last” time in custody Agnes Thill “against the excesses” of its “public statements”, after about about a supposed “lobby for LGBT at the national Assembly”.

“None about homophobic”

The elected of france, was then said to take on its critics on the extension of the LDCS challenging any “homophobia”, it again Thursday on Twitter. “None about homophobic or islamophobic in my contribution,” she answered Laurence Vanceunebrock-Mialon.

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Written by the deputy LREM Jean-Louis Touraine, the report of the mission on bioethics, which aims to prepare the legislative debate, has proposed major changes in the field of bioethics. Among them, the opening of the LDCS (medically assisted procreation), to couples of women and to women alone and the permission of the LDCS post-mortem (the wife of a deceased man would have the right to be inseminated with his sperm, frozen before his death).


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