Young men and women on white Sand against a turquoise blue sea on the beach of “Maya Bay” in Thailand: What looks at first glance like a traditional holiday photo, turns out after closer inspection, as a bit of an odd scene.

Whoever gets the best photo on the beautiful beach?

Who’s looking longer recognizes: It is not a traditional holiday motif is seen on the photo. Rather, it shows how far the Influencer-existence has come. Because to see the photo of young women posing in front of the sea backdrop in order to be as advantageous to your photos to look.

Exactly here is the friends of ladies come into play: the Instagram-Boyfriends, to be exact. There are several of this beach seemingly almost exclusively, had one of them posted a picture of the slightly disturbing looking scene already for a long time on the Portal Reddit. Still, it ensures that viewers of irritation.

“I stood there and took a photo of my girlfriend in the sea, then it was clear to me that this fact, every other Instagram-friend as well,” wrote Lewy G to the photo already some time ago.

I was stood taking a photo of my girlfriend in the sea, then realised what every other Instagram boyfriend. from r/funny

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Who has recognized it once, not have to probably smile, shake his head, or his amazement in any other way Express: The women bathe here, you present your best side, most intently, of course. Finally, each wants to be the most Beautiful, the most Likes and positive comments on Instagram dusting. And this requires, of course, the perfect shot. And a willing Instagram-Boyfriend.

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the holiday image Is a fake?

according to rumors it could be, however, also be a photo montage. For example, a User writes under the photo on Reddit: “I was there and can confirm that this image is fake. It will be Chinese tourists, the coral cancel to take you home with are missing, while all the other wegdrängen with your elbow.”

Whether this comment is serious or not: The apparent author of the photo took no position on this allegation….

traveling can happen, not only in terms of disease – in this case, a man posted a holiday photo on Facebook and now has plates of 21,000 Euro fine to the organiser.

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