Mr Pink, from their lectures and books, speaks of a deep concern for the spiritual Constitution of the modern Western people. What’s troubling you?
in our society, apparently, fundamentally something goes wrong. It’s about how people represent themselves to life. The anger is increasing, it is directed against others, but somehow, against life itself, the more of us apparently, what we have promised to us by him. Aggression as a reaction is one side, and psychological illnesses such as Burnout and depression on the other.

What plagues us, from your point of view?
I have coined for a somewhat unwieldy term: everyday coping-despair mode. Everyone knows the: From morning to evening, the world meets us as the aggression area in which we cope with things and have to edit. This get, to do that, the call, the pull. Life as a single, sprawling To-do list. This starts already in the morning in the bathroom.

I look in the mirror and think: This fold away would have to, the stomach, the hair should be full of. I always get the message: do something.

But I send it to myself.
That’s just it. The optimization craze is internalized. This felt, To-do lists swell up in us more and more. The number of things we think we do, is so large that we can no longer cope at all, no matter how much we care about the technical progress gives new life to seemingly time. And this forces us into a world attitude, which I call aggression relationship: I am always dissatisfied and frustrated.

resonance touch The world, touch – a recipe against Overload and performance pressure By Kester Schlenz

It’s not whether you Want to, but just about To.
Exactly. You should go per day ten thousand steps. You should take care of in a timely manner to the pension, his Fitness, the old parents, the family, the friends, the Job, the great children’s birthday party, the relationship, the garden or the next Celebration. Each one could extend this list arbitrarily. And we never will.

What is the Alternative?
What we are doing, is to get things done, and optimize. We try to bring as much of the world under control. This is not bad per se. But we wish us, apparently, something else. It comes to a new equilibrium. We have a deep longing for a different way of being-In-the-world-Being, a longing for resonance. And in order to do it.

resonance is, Yes, in physics, something like Resonate …
Yes, it is also true on the social level. We want to be touched by something, and moves, Yes, we call to be taken calmly””. This can be music that can be encounters, nature experiences, trips, or a book. It is important that we allow ourselves to be in a figurative sense, of something call, and then also “stop”. I like this word: We stop and listen.

But the people read, go to concerts, they travel, meet each other.
But in what mode? It is a question that we really inwardly for the answers, what is calling us. That we are not getting involved just resonate with us and even to achieve effective something or someone “out there” assets. Many of them have forgotten how to. We need to let the things work in us, and us from them, in the best case, transformed. You feel alive when you can touch and turn.

What do you mean, transform?
That Saw something in us that triggers us in a positive way changed attitudes, the mood, the settings. There is also the book that changed your life? The song that brought something New in them to the Blades and give them new horizons opened? The conversation, which she fulfilled in a sustainable way?

Yes, but that’s so rare.
Layer. Many of us know from experience that we remain mostly the same, no matter how much the world we bring it in range. Take you traveling: Always faster, the surfaces change. We travel here and there. One is looking for the exotic in the Stranger, and remains the same, however, because you can almost never touch, and transform. Some of the systematically.

By, for example, cruises. It remains there, small Trips aside, actually getting on the ship, because you don’t want to compete with the Other really in contact. You want to see, stripes, but not really touchable make. Because it means to get vulnerable. Each risk should be excluded. We take our safe home in the world. But no sense of liveliness is created.

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So get it out of the backpack and the Hiking boots and in the middle purely in the Stranger?
better Already. But make no mistake about it: the resonance can not be enforced. You can’t manufacture them, and also buy. We try to always, but it doesn’t work most of the time.

Why not?
Because we are able to turn desires our resonance of desire in an Object. We buy clothes, nice cars, book a Safari, pay an expensive concert ticket. We think: I paid, now it has to be great. And we’re often disappointed. You can be Touched don’t force it, just hope. Real resonance is unavailable. This is the Central concept.

you need to explain.
unavailability means that we can not say when and where the resonance occurs. And you never know what comes out of it. Real resonance experiences a result, are open. But it is precisely this result of openness, the lack of availability for many, it is apparently an imposition. On something let, know, what comes out of it, sounds unreasonable. One has enough to do.

that does not Mean that we have to allow the Failure of more?
Absolutely. Who does only those things of which he knows that it can fold, it prevents the lack of availability.

let’s Go into Private. Love is not unavailable in a pure culture?
Yes, in terms of the Occurrence of this emotional event. Love is not predictable. And then when it comes, we learn the most in a love relationship it clear that we are not able to make the others completely available and may. This must remain a dynamic relationship with one another. Love can be experienced only when the other is unavailable, but attainable. The total control over the other would be pure boredom, then we would have a kind of a love robot. We can’t plan love, you will not force and also not one-sided hold. We have to engage with you. With all the risks.

What we seek in the other?
answers. We want to be understood and lifted to feel, we want to be accepted and move us, but also by the Foreign inspired. Not only from people, from experiences, or nature.

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“Back to nature” feel, particularly in the Trend.
so Far, the prevailing attitude to the nature at the macro level is still aggressive. We consume, dominate and poison you. Nature of exploitable biomass. The consequences are about to die, among other things, climate change and the species. And yet we continue to make. There is hardly a corner of the world that is not crawled and Recoverable scour. But it’s true: The discomfort it takes. The rethinking – or better Umfühlen – has begun. “Back to nature” is not only a Slogan. Behind it is a deep need of many people, to be back with the Surrounds, the ultimate ground of existence, connected plugged.

you now sound like an idealistic philosopher. Are you a romantic?
I’m a great admirer of the enlightenment. But in the epoch of romanticism, the idea of Childhood was born, we have formulated the concepts of partnership, love and friendship, was awarded the nature and the art of intrinsic value. If you believe these things, then you can call me a romantic. But that does not mean that one must be blind to the reality of social conditions.

your analysis sounds very plausible. But what can I do as an Individual? I can’t wander constantly be open to the outcome through the forest.
you Should change but. Of course, not all the time. But it would be a start. I’m a sociologist. I don’t write happiness as a counselor for individuals. I research and analyze. And I don’t want to expect just everything to the individual and to call: You must change your life.

resonance touch The world, touch – a recipe against Overload and performance pressure By Kester Schlenz

of Course we can not stop working, and must continue to get things done. The way we encounter the world, it is intended to a large extent institutionally. In the workplace, in the supermarket, in sports – everywhere we encounter the world in a continuous improvement mode.

we can’t escape.
depends. Actually, we hear appeals on Resonance. We just do not answer. You can open in spite of coping with everyday life, be curious, beaten path, things happen and let yourself drift. Just “stop”. It’s the little moments and encounters that make the difference. With the colleague to talk instead of writing a Mail, at the concert, the phone in the bag, the Partner, the children, the perceive friends really, the homeless man on the street with a view of giving and maybe also a Euro. I already have a small, resonant moment. There are a lot of small game rooms that we can use to work only.

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