Prince Harry was in a relationship for two years with dancer Cressida Bonas. In 2014, the Couple separated – the two remained friends, which is probably due to the fact that Bona’s expressed never a public relationship with Harry. The 30-Year-old has even attended the wedding of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan in may 2018. Now, the question is: Will appear in the royale Couple together to her wedding?

Because Cressida Bonas is now engaged to self: Prince Harry’s namesake, Harry Wentworth-Stanley is the Lucky one. With him Bonas was even before the relationship with the Duke of Sussex. On Instagram, the Pair published the news recently and signed a joint Selfie: “We are getting married!”

Royal expert is sure: Harry goes to the wedding of Prince Harry’s Ex-girlfriend, The “better, Harry?”: Cressida Bonas has become engaged and he is not a bad catch SpotOnNews

however, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan girlfriend to be together show at the wedding of Harry’s Ex, is clear. Royal expert and columnist Adam Helliker is at least sure that Prince Harry would not be a wedding invitation. Compared to “The Sun” he said: “Yes, Harry will definitely go to the wedding.” He is not only friends with his Ex-girlfriend, but I also Haven a very good relationship with the mother of the groom, Clare Milford, – the expert explained further.

If the Duchess Meghan will be there, don’t know the expert, however, he admitted: “Meghan, it’s known that with previous Girlfriends, Harry’s, in particular, Chelsy Davy, less feels good,” he said to the blade. The wedding of Cressida Bonas and Harry Wentworth-Stanley is expected to take place in the coming year. The invitations had not yet been sent, as it says in the article. Until then, time would be enough to convince Meghan, perhaps, but still.

source: “The Sun”

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