tens of thousands of people, according to the organizers, began to protest loudly this Saturday in London to demand a referendum on the final agreement on the Brexit, again negotiated between London and Brussels to five months of the withdrawal of the United Kingdom of the european Union.

Under the gentle sun in the fall, the procession of protesters from the four corners of the country and brought more than 150-cars began to travel through the centre of the british capital in mid-day, in the direction of the Parliament.

Among them include, in particular, many citizens of europe, represented in particular by The3Million, a pressure group defending the interests of the approximately 3.7 million Europeans settled in the United Kingdom. They responded to the call of the People’s Vote (The Vote of the people), an activist movement to a “popular vote” and bringing together several associations pro-european.

“people have been fooled”

During the last parade of this kind, in June, about 100 000 people had gathered and the organizers are hoping to exceed this number, with the demonstration “the largest” and most “noisy” ever organized in favor of such a vote.

organizers estimate that the British, which voted 52 % in favour of leaving the EU in the referendum of June 23, 2016, would have voted differently if they had been aware of the real issues of the Brexit.

“I think people have been deceived in several ways,” says the entrepreneur Peter Hancock, interviewed by Agence France-Presse as he started a european flag, yellow stars on a blue background, around the neck of his big shepherd dog George. “We want to remain european,” adds his wife, Julie, in a wheelchair. “We don’t see the benefits of a withdrawal. “

Theresa inflexible

But the rally is unlikely to convince the First minister Theresa May, strongly opposed this idea. “There will be no second referendum. The people have voted “, said the head of the british government Wednesday, October 17, determined to “implement” the outcome of this vote.

For their part, the organizers point out that a few months of Brexit, ” scheduled for march 29, 2019, the negotiations between London and Brussels block always, especially on the question of the border on the island of Ireland and that uncertainty remains on how the Uk will leave the EU.

“The most important issues remain to be negotiated, many of the consequences remain hidden,” says Carmen Smith, a partisan of the movement For Our Future (For our future), as quoted in a press release. “Time is of the essence. This is an urgent matter. The elite of the Brexit has shown that it was unable to resolve the problem. But you, you can, by asking for a vote of the people. “

The support of several political

The idea of a new referendum has gained popularity in recent months in the Uk and politicians of all stripes support it, as the former Prime minister, labour’s Tony Blair.

Among the speakers expected Saturday in the centre of London are the labour mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, as well as members of political parties-conservative, labour, liberal democrat, green and SNP (independence party scottish).

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” The Brexit divides the generations. A large majority of my generation voted for from. A large majority of young people voted to stay. Your generation [the youth] is betrayed by the mine “, must say the leader of the liberal democrats, Vince Cable, to the intention of the young protesters.

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