Do you want to try your luck? The hope for an easy win has been a desire of people for a very long time. The lottery is one of the oldest, simplest, and most popular way of doing that. You will not need an introduction to the lottery. This lucrative business is well-known to everyone around the whole world. There is literally no country that does not have this type of business.

It is very interesting that this game of luck even has its own history that we are going to talk about in this article. Additionally, since it is so entertaining people of all ages are enjoying the thrill that the lottery is coming with. You buy a ticket, and who knows, after a couple of seconds, you can become a millionaire? However, in the last period, the online way of playing the lottery has become extremely popular. You can check out and try your luck right now!


The first lottery model was documented in ancient China

You will be surprised to hear that it is very tough to say who was the first who invented this game of luck since it goes way back in ancient times. However, keno slips were documented in China in the period between 201 and 187 BCE, so everyone is assuming that the lottery was invented there. According to some legend stories, the money from selling lottery tickets was used to fund the government. By taking into consideration the period of time, the government in China probably used the money for the Great Wall of China. Other countries have not used tickets for that kind of purpose until the late 19th century.

The lottery is making money through ticket commissions all around the world

People are wondering how the lottery actually makes money. Well, the process of this is so simple. The first thing you need to know is that lottery retailers are collecting a small percentage of every sold ticket’s price tag and they use that money as a commission. Logically, the size of the percentage will depend on the retailer. In the case of the biggest American lottery game which is called Powerball, the commission is only 6%.


Money spent on the National Lottery goes to good causes

One of the great news is that even 25% of the money that is spent on the National lottery actually goes to good causes. The biggest lottery in Britain suggested that from the beginning. A part of the money goes to the charity which the British parliament decided on. Therefore, if you do not win the lottery unless you know that the money will go to someone who needs it.

The worldwide lottery demographic fact

Statistics show that people of all ages are playing the lottery, however, it is mostly played by people aged 45. According to the people of that age, the game is very entertaining and popular. When it comes to the percentage of people who are playing the game on a regular daily basis it stands for 75%. On the other hand, 70% people of aged between 55 and 64 are playing the game regularly, 69% of those aged 35-44, and the percentage aged between 25-34 is 67%.

Some countries are receiving more money from lottery tickets than from citizens’ income taxes

One of the very interesting facts refers to the amount of money that lottery is actually making in different countries. It is very surprising to hear that some countries even got more money from lottery tickets than from taxing their citizen’s income. The craziest of all is that taxes are not so low, which means that the lottery game is so widely popular for playing.


People all around the world are spending more money on playing the lottery than on all other forms of entertainment

Believe it or not, statistics are showing that all around the world people would rather spend their money on the lottery than on any other activity that can be entertaining and engaging. In fact, over the year, America is spent over $70 billion on lottery tickets. This means that sports tickets, book tickets, video games, cinema tickets, music, and concert tickets have not together collected near that amount of money.

The average person spends $218 buying lottery tickets on a yearly basis

According to the research, people who are playing the lottery on a regular basis are spending at least $218 every single year. If you take into consideration how many people are actually enjoying this lucrative game and play it so often, you can conclude that there is a lot of money invested in it. This is all because of the entertaining, thrilling factor that the game is bringing and because it is so easy and convenient to play.

The biggest lottery jackpot win

Let’s talk about more entertaining things. Do you know what was the price of the biggest lottery jackpot that is won in US history? Well, as low the odds can be, someone took $1.59 billion by buying one lottery ticket. The ticket price was actually only $2. Isn’t this incredible? As you can see there is a chance for you to accomplish the impossible and become a billionaire over the night. Therefore, do not lose hope because who knows what can happen to you.


Do you know how many people became millionaires thanks to lottery tickets?

We have one more great fact for you to hear – around 37,000 people became millionaires thanks to scratch tickets. Scratch lottery tickets are very cheap, but they can come with great winning opportunities. You just need a little luck on your side. Maybe you will not get the highest price, however, lottery tickets are still responsible for a huge number of winners.

Final thought

Many people are thinking that winning the lottery is a very rare thing and that odds are minimal, however, statistics show a different side. While reading this article, you have seen how many lives have changed thanks to this lucrative tickets. Therefore, why do not you try changing your’s as well?