Tony Mendez‘ biggest Coups was a side note. In 1979, the mood between Iran and the United States was explosive. Iranian students occupied the U.S. Embassy in Tehran to protest against the admission of the deposed Shah Reza Pahlavi in the United States. 52 Embassy staff had to serve for 444 days as hostages. However, six American diplomats succeeded in storming the escape and were able to hide in the Embassy of Canada.

The Undercover operations specialized Mendez came up with a Hollywood production – the title of the fictional Science-Fiction-film: “Argo” – and traveled for alleged preparations for filming in Iran. 27. January 1980 travelled Mendez then with the six American diplomats, who had received as an employee of the film crew expenditure, and false canadian passports.

Tony Mendez served for 25 years in the CIA

The CIA Agent remained after this rettungsa cation for a further ten years in the secret service, which he served since 1965. His specialty were the stakes hidden. He made sure that agents were not exposed, falsified documents and fake identities. If one believes his biography, “The Master of Disguise: My Secret Life in the CIA” – shouldn’t he have a surgery, even in the Soviet Union. In 1990, he moved back into Private living as a book author who wrote about his Undercover assignments. In his memoirs, he mentioned, in 1999, for the first time in public the Iran-use what was previously only the persons involved are known.

Stasi, CIA, Mossad and co., As intelligence services in Germany, people kidnap By Kerstin Herrnkind

The actor and Director Ben Affleck adapted the story in 2012 for his Film “Argo”, which was awarded in the year, with three Oscars, including the Oscar for best Film. The escape from Iran was dramatic, as she had played out in reality. To be any time an intercept Team of the Iranian have been secret service, the Mendez and the diplomats on the heels, and told the Ex-Agent in the “New York Times”.

condolences to US Secretary of state Pompeo

Mendez died, according to his literary agent on Saturday at the age of 78 years, in an assisted-Living facility in the U.S. state of Maryland. He was ill, therefore, in Parkinson’s disease.

Affleck wrote on Twitter, Mendez was a man of “extraordinary decency, exceptional humility and kindness”. “I’m so proud to have worked with him and to have his stories told.”

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo expressed his condolences. “He was an extraordinarily gifted intelligence officers,” wrote Pompeo on Mendez.



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