Kai plum has been looking for the blood moon and not found

©imago/mocking Picture

Kai plum (51) and the blood moon are not friends. The Moderator had really given everything to provide his Fans with spectacular pictures, as he announced on Instagram: “Well I woke up today at 04:45 PM, it was 05:20 on the Olympic mountain and wanted to see the blood moon and take pictures.”

But his dedication and getting Up early have not paid off unfortunately, as the hazy pictures on Instagram. Just the red light of the Olympic tower. “Unfortunately, it was so cloudy that nothing was really see nothing at all from the moon,” had to see the disappointed plum.

“So I’ve made only a couple of night shots from the Olympic Park, stadium and tower. I hope you like them?” The pictures are of course very spectacular. But at least the Fans now know that the presenter loses time in the sleep-deprived state, his sense of Humor.



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