Manshuk Mametova: best gunner of the great Patriotic

16/03/20 heroes Manshuk Mametova: best gunner of the great Patriotic

Manshuk Mametova – a brave machine gunner, the first Kazakh woman who was awarded the title hero of the Soviet Union. Her life story is like an Oriental poem, so much in her of love and heroism.


Parents gave her the name Mancia. She was born October 23, 1922 in the village ASCUS Ordinskogo district of the Ural region, Kazakh SSR. Her father’s name was Generali, he worked as a watchman in the warehouse. Mom Teuila studied three children, of which Mancia was the eldest. When she was three years old, she was sent to the family of aunt Amina, who with her husband Ahmet lived in Alma-ATA. In some biographies they write that it happened because of poverty, parents of Mansei, in others, – that she was orphaned and took her sister’s husband. But it’s not. In Kazakhstan, there is an ancient custom of fosterage, when an older child is given to the education of older family members: grandma, grandpa or older brothers and sisters. It is considered that as the firstborn rather suffer a kind of tradition, in which he will be a senior. Aunt and uncle loved foster daughter, and called her only as Managalam, which means “bead”, “jewel”. The girl grew lively, cheerful and mobile. His baby nickname, the future heroine did not know how to pronounce and presented Manshuk. And so it happened. She grew up, became a young beauty, graduated from high school and entered the medical Institute.


When the war started, Manshuk studied in the second year of medical school. She was an active girl, a real sweetheart, because of this started to make quite a career: she was hired to work in the office of the Council of people’s Commissars of the Kazakh SSR by the Secretary-the Deputy Chairman of this ragnatele. Manshuk managed not only to combine study with a responsible job, but to learn the “in between” machine gun, from which she learned to shoot straight.

To the front she began to ask immediatelyat once it became known about the beginning of the war. Of course, she was brave, loving my Home girl, this proud daughter of the Kazakh people, but was she, as they say, ulterior motives. Adoptive father Manshuk Ahmet was a great man and a great doctor, one of the first doctors of the Kazakhs. It was not spared the fate of many outstanding men of his time. In 1937 he was arrested and executed. Family his fate is not reported. And the people there were rumors that the children of the repressed, having gone to the front, can atone for the sins of their parents, to lighten their fate and perhaps even saved from death. And here Manshuk as the legendary heroine of the past, went to war to save her father. True or only a legend, now hard to say, but one thing is clear: after retiring in 1942, after numerous requests to the front Manshuk did not disgrace the memory of his adoptive father.

Once on the front, Manshuk was at the headquarters of the 100th Kazakh team. She worked as a clerk, then a nurse. But achieved not brave Manshuk. Finally, after numerous requests and reports her to the rank of Sergeant was transferred to one of the infantry battalions guards infantry division No. 21.

At the front, according to his fellow soldiers, Manshuk found love. His name is Nurken Khusainov. He was handsome, kind and very honest. And beauty Manshuk liked him too. However, the lovers are never opened to each other.

Manshuk heroine

October 15, 1943, the battalion, where he served Manshuk, received orders to restrain the attacks of the enemy about Nevel in Pskov region. The Germans attacked positions of the Soviet troops heavy artillery fire. But our gunners threw the attacking enemy. In the heat of battle Manshuk not immediately noticed that two adjacent guns silent, her comrades were killed. Then she started to shoot all three guns at a time, crawling from one to another.

the Germans began to shoot at the firing points Manshuk mortars. With one shot they knocked her gun, the otherm wounded girl in the head. But wounded, she kept firing and destroyed more than 70 of the Germans.

Manshuk shot until I bled out and died. So, near the machine gun, found her after the battle.

as fate Nurken Khusainov died in the same day, defending the station Sochi, which was near the Nevel.

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