Sorting out, clearing out, throwing away – there are countless terms for the process of tidying and a Verheisung: those Who manage to separate themselves from filth and Excess, the throws of the old Ballast, free, creates space for New.

The streaming service, Netflix, is dedicated to the pleasure of cleaning up a whole series: “tidying up with Marie Kondo”. In eight episodes, the expert de-clutters the households of American couples. Your method is very simple and can be a simple sentence breaking down: “What triggers in you no joy, can the way.” At the end of each row, the houses and apartments are only half full – and the residents are all the more happier. Some reports of therapeutic, Yes healing effects. The clean up did she realize what really matters in life. How important is the family to be Together. Lightweight and light-hearted, almost all of the feel.

clean up our reward system

But is it really so easy? Leads us to tidy up and clear out. Basically, says the psychologist Sandra Jankowski.

Simple luck Finally carefree: make your life easier!

“If we set ourselves the goal to clean the apartment, and to achieve this goal, the happiness hormone,” she says. “The reward and motivation systems, there are also in a different context, the performance sport is about.”

With a similar mechanism, the large Clean can and Throw away make unnecessary things to be happy. “This is not the fact that I end up with less,” says Jankowski, who is also a member of the professional Association of German psychologists (BDP). Happy doing then that you a goal as a single person or family, and achieved it. “I don’t have to clean necessarily, this goal can be also a trip around the world.”

Some people reach when Cleaning and tidying in addition, the so-called Flow. The can occur, if you develop a good Routine for something and the work is not too stressful, but at the same time not too simple. “This Flow experience ensures that the Brush has a relaxing, meditative effect,” says Jankowski.

Emanzitiert Why I budget my non-baked wars and the Marie Kondo, I still can’t help From Sylvia Margret Steinitz There are clean-up people, and Chaos-people

The do not need to be in every human being – both the Flow as well as the hormone-a reward for a successful clean-up are a question of taste. “Just as there are people in need of creative Chaos, to be happy,” says Jankowski. The decisive factor is the socialization was here, for example. “That is not also set, such embossing can change in the course of life.”

And just as you can turn forced the enthusiasm for tidying up at some point in a Plaster, warns the expert. When and whether such a disorder develops, but it is difficult to predict. Also the genetic predisposition plays a role. It is clear, however, when the coercion is a Problem – namely, when the Brush makes you happy: “If I suffer, that I must constantly brush and thus important areas in the life ignored.”

Tobias Hanraths/ikr / DPA


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