Thailand has legalized medical Cannabis. The country’s Parliament decided unanimously that Cannabis by an amendment to the narcotic substances act for use for medicinal purposes. Thailand is the first country in Asia, and in the Cannabis for medicine and research may be used.

A full release is not planned

The change in the law was a new year gift to the people, said the Deputy Somchai Sawangkan. The law will bring relief for people with chronic pain. The government now has rules, such as the cultivation of the Plant should be regulated. Plans for a full release of marijuana, there is not currently. Trade and possession of the Plant have been severely punished.

Background: Cannabis Background Cannabis

The cannabis plant belongs to the Hemp family (Cannabaceae) with psycho-active substances, which are consumed as hashish (Dope Shit) or marijuana (Grass). the

hashish and marijuana are smoked in Germany. Consumers mix the crushed substances with tobacco in a Joint or Stick. Hashish is smoked in special pipes. Occasionally, a hash is added in drinks such as tea, with yogurt, or eaten in cookies and baking. More rarely, some use hashish Oil, to drizzle it on cigarettes or food and drinks to add. Cannabis has a thousand-year-old Tradition as useful and medicinal plant, and is one of the oldest known drugs. (Source: German centre for addiction issues)


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