Katy Perry is with Orlando Bloom

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US singer Katy Perry (34, “Roar”) and British actor Orlando Bloom (42, “The Lord of the rings engaged”) want to get married. Since this year’s Valentine’s day, the Couple is engaged to be married, as she announced both via Instagram. Now the 34-Year-old in the American Late-Night talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live told!”, how and where it was made the proposal of marriage. And while in the air.

“He has made it so well -”

The Date on Valentine’s day have classically started with a dinner, says Perry, host Jimmy Kimmel (51). They have, however, thought that they would watch after dinner, something art, instead they were stood suddenly in front of a helicopter. In the air Bloom asked, finally, whether she wants to marry him. Quite smoothly, the request is not expired.

While Perry’ve read in a paper that Bloom, and all his love had written, he tried to get the box with the Ring out of his jacket pocket. In the process, he broke the pocket and hit his elbow against the champagne bottle. In spite of the small Malheurs Perry found the proposal “very sweet”.

According to Perry’s “Yeah” landed on top of a building in the Interior of the house had already been waiting for your family and friends to you. “He has done it as well,” says Perry. The choice of the engagement ring has not abandoned the singer but quite the coincidence. You have communicated to him your ideas of the piece of jewellery. Not only the marriage proposal Perry has unpacked. She also tells of how the Pair once met.

her first 2016 was, therefore, during the Golden Globes. At the time, Bloom from the table she was sitting at stealing a Burger. As she wanted him to scold so, you noticed how good he looks. Later she had approached him at a Party on the Burger incident, the chemical voted for, the Rest is history. Details about the wedding, not tell Perry, though.



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