At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, it is mainly about Smartphones. In the case of Huawei, they understood “mobile” but a little wider and is likely to continue especially Samsung are under pressure. After Samsung with the Galaxy Fold and introduced its first Smartphone, to the Tablet fold, to put Huawei now with its own model. And otherwise, the Chinese had a lot of Luggage.

Matebook X Pro (2019)

The beginning of the new Matebook X Pro. The most striking new feature: the design. The Unibody Notebook is made of Aluminium is now not only thinner, but thanks to the shrunken screen-frame, a shrunken body size. The touch screen now takes as many as 91 percent of the cover, Huawei uses a 3:2 Format. The resolution is 3000:2000, Huawei promises a color gamut of 100 percent.

Inside, the latest Intel Potter-Chips the eighth Generation, the Huawei an i5 and i7 to choose from. You should be up to twice as fast as the Chips of the predecessor. A dedicated Nvidia Geforce MX250 graphics card for 3D fleet calculation. Also, the Wi-Fi has been drilled out, it now allows Transfers of up to 1700 MBit/s.

Fullscreen ©Huawei PR

A very nice new feature is Onehop. With an NFC-box next to the Trackpad files, the contents of the copy can be Caches or other transfer – simply by holding the Smartphone with the selected data. Whether or not the smartphone will work only with Huawei, has not been betrayed during the presentation. But it is likely.

The price starts at 1600 Euro.

Matebook 13 and 14

In January, Huawei was presented the new Matebook 13, now a model with a touch screen. And the slightly larger Matebook 14. Here, too, the Display has grown in comparison to the edge, here, too, Huawei relies on a ratio of 3:2, albeit with a slightly lower resolution of 2160 is 1080 pixels. As for the processor, Huawei offers the choice between a current i5 or i7, in both cases, the Nvidia MX250 is on Board. As the Matebook X Pro is the Matebook gets 14 Onehop.

The Matebook 13 with Touch will cost from 1000 Euro, the Matebook 14 from 1200 euros.

Fullscreen ©Huawei PR Huawei Mate X: Samsung innovation-Killer

Samsung is likely to annoy, especially about the Huawei Mate X. On Wednesday the Koreans had presented with the Galaxy Fold your first folding Smartphone, the Details you will find here. Now Huawei sets already – and tops the competitors in various respects. The Mate X to the Tablet fold, but is convincing in both modes, more than Samsung’s solution.

unlike the Fold Mate X would not work. his Tablet screen to the Inside, but opens it to the outside. As a result, it has a Display on the front and the rear, both Displays are larger than that of the Fold in the folded mode. And unlike Samsung Huawei dispensed with ugly notches for the cameras, there is only one camera in a frame on the back.


The Huawei Mate X folds easily

©Huawei PR

especially appears to be Huawei’s Design but much more practical for everyday use. While the Fold is thicker than two superimposed Galaxy S10, the Huawei model is considerably thinner. As a Tablet it is only 5.4 mm thick, when folded, is less than 11 mm. The Samsung there are more than 16. The Displays are also bigger. 6.6 inch measures the Display on the front, 6,36 there are back – folded to 8 inches.

the camera can settle Huawei also: to obstruct, Instead of a Selfie – and a rear-view camera, use the Mate X for both the same point-and-Shoot. Selfies, there are just collapsed using the rear display for normal pictures using the Front or the expanded Display. If there is, as Huawei announced the best Selfies on the market, can only be shown by a Test.

The battery of 4500 mAh is very large, thanks to fast Load and is supposed to be extremely fast. In 30 minutes, the device should be loaded to 85 percent, in only 30 seconds on the cable it should be after all, an impressive 12 percent.

The price of beats but also Samsung: Mate X costs incredible 2300 Euro.

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