the starting shot for 5G: Deutsche Telekom, together with Osram, the first Campus network in operation in Germany. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Start has been pressed, the button.

First, the network over LTE on the current wireless standard, but in a next step, it should be on the fifth generation mobile technology (5G) is mounted, has announced the Telekom on Monday.

“Now is it,” said Telecom Manager Claudia Nemat. However, it must be cleaned up at the super-fast new Standard with some of the myths. Area emphasised that provision of 5G, which is often required by the policy, for example, for the Autonomous Driving is not necessary, Nemat.

to ensure the safety in the traffic, were fitted to these vehicles themselves with the appropriate solutions. Great benefits of the Standard will have, however, in the modern mobility, in the production, but also for the Gaming.

The new Campus network will, in the future, the Osram factory in schwabmünchen cover to the South of Augsburg, with particularly fast Connections. There controlled vehicles are automatically on-the-go, the products and materials transport. The new Campus network combines a total of 3000 things and articles. A public and a private network is connected to an infrastructure.

“Based on LTE, we can realize many applications,” said Nemat. In a so-called Edge-Cloud, the data will not be stored on the Osram-Campus far away, but can be close processed the application. This reduces the runtime of the data in the network (latency). About 5G of the data traffic to be later on, almost in real time. A similar Campus network to build up the Telekom also in the case of the automotive supplier ZF Friedrichshafen.

The 5G wireless is initially designed for applications in the industry. To are likely to at a later date private users benefit from 5G. For the Telekom brought at least a view. For the first time, the group teamed up with Samsung and the games manufacturer in Niantic is a Multiplayer game that theoretically hundreds of players in a digital international of the ball can compete. The Ball is visible both in the real environment (Augmented Reality).

Niantic has landed with his popular game Pokémon Go already Augmented-Reality Hit. The volleyball game to benefit from the 5G is a possibility that the movements of the virtual and real things are virtually represented in real-time without delay.



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