For several days, we were not able to turn on the tv without seeing heated debates on the pope comparing abortion to be a crime of cutthroat. To be said by the way, the Holy Father pronounced the word “sicario” which, in good French, translates to ” hired assassin “, but the translators of the tv, which probably are unaware of that word, he preferred the phrase “hired killer” ; just as, when a tidal wave, they prefer the charabiesque “tsunami” ; just as, when a gunslinger décanille an enemy, these zozos, unaware of the existence of this word choose the mumbo-jumbo of the news american, and speak of a ” snipper “.

let us Close this parenthesis language and back to the excitement caused by the words of the pope. Emotion is dumb, because, for centuries, the Western Church and the Eastern Church consider themselves, rightly or wrongly, that, as soon as a girl is made to oust a poupard in the Capitol, as soon as a panic of not having its rules, she runs to buy a pregnancy test, the life is present in his belly ; that to destroy the embryo of life is equivalent to murder. There is nothing new.

It would have been more interesting to speculate on the origin of this enthusiasm of our eminent prelates for maternity, childbirth, and the source of their syrupy speeches to the glory of the heterosexual family. I have, since my childhood, often asked of clergy, both orthodox and roman catholics, but I never received a response that I éclairât.

blessed are the barren, and the wombs that have not borne a child.

” be Fruitful and multiply “, this encouraging optimistic the procreation of children belongs to the Old Testament. There is nothing like it in the New, text-pessimistic when the world and the evil are taken almost as synonymous terms. Clement of Alexandria wrote in his Stromata : “When Salome asked the Lord how long would last the reign of death, he answered : as long as you women continue to give birth. “

everyone did not read Clement of Alexandria, but each of us knows this cry of Christ as he went up the road to Golgotha : “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep point on me, but weep for yourselves and for your children, because there will come a time in which they shall say, happy the barren, and the wombs that have not borne children, and breasts that were point fed. “

almost simultaneously, the pope of Rome, Francis, the patriarch of Moscow Kirill, the patriarch of Bucharest Daniel, these three princes of the Church, come to lay considerations-the brains behind on the necessary defence of the christian family. I ask them : but where the hell, Your Saintetés, have you fished this notion far-fetched of the “christian family” ? Christ, the four gospels testify to the abundance, do not lose an opportunity to explain to us that the only family that matters in his eyes is the spiritual family, that he formed with his disciples. The family-style ” a dad, a mom, there is nothing better for a child “, the Christ has nothing to file.

Already, at the age of 12, when his famous fugue, he gives the testimony ; and later, many times, the most famous being that day where, while he speaks to the crowd, a quidam comes to tell him that his mother and brothers were waiting for him. Then Jesus shouted : “Who is my mother and who are my brothers ? “And then, pointing to those who, gathered around him, listening to his teaching, he says :” Behold my mother and my brothers. “(Mark, 3, 32-34.)

St. Augustine, two centuries after Clement of Alexandria, drives the point home by stating in his De civitate Dei, if the women were bringing children into the world, the city of God will be accomplished more quickly. I dare say that it is a praise of contraception and of homosexuality, but of this I am certain is that it is not a praise of the Manif for all.


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