On the first relief on Sunday, a worse suspicion: The six-year-old girl who purchase on the weekend at the furniture with his father vanished without a trace, and 22 hours later, re-emerged, the following now seems to have become a victim of a crime.

“We will determine on suspicion of serious sexual abuse of the child,” said the spokesman for the Potsdam Prosecutor’s office, Markus Nolte, the news Agency DPA. A 58-year-old German has been arrested – not even a Kilometer from the furniture to the house, where the track of the girl lost.

the girl disappeared from the furniture store in Potsdam

The man still can’t be heard, “for personal reasons”. What Nolte means by that, he said. Likewise, he made more information on the fact, and the possible escape or release of the girl.

Missing children Inga. Maddie. Rebecca. And many others – when children disappear DPA

in addition to the allegation of severe sexual abuse, the investigation of the suspicion of false imprisonment, the spokesman for the Potsdam Prosecutor’s office. The alleged perpetrator is yet to come, in the course of a day in front of the judge.

The six-year-old was removed on a Saturday afternoon in the “Porta”furniture market in Potsdam-Drewitz of their father, and had risen in an Elevator. She went to the ground floor and left the business – the father lost his daughter, then from the eyes and alerted the police.

a Little later, around 70 officers searched with dogs, drones, and a helicopter to the area, but without success. Subsequently, the police published photos of the girl and asked the public for help. Not 24 hours after the Disappearance, the uncertainty had come to an end: police officers discovered the six-year-old crying and injured on a sidewalk. (The star reported.) “Specially trained criminalist inside, she surveyed immediately child – and age-appropriate,” said the police. The officers encouraged the suspect to days. The current condition of the child, the authorities did not provide any information.

sources: police of Brandenburg, DPA news Agency



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